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Beyond Madness - Beyond Madness, created in 1996, is a ring dedicated to bringing together web sites dealing with any type of mental illn

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Beyond Madness

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Manager: alicorna
Beyond Madness, created in 1996, is a ring dedicated to bringing together web sites dealing with any type of mental illness and mental health in general. This includes, but is not limited to, sites concerning depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, panic disorder, mania, personality disorders, eating disorders, schizophrenia, PTSD, and adult attention deficit disorder.

It is the hope of the ring manager that this ring will provide healing, resources, and a sense of community to those who are affected by these illnesses.

The image used for the ring logo is "Insanity" by Władysław Podkowiński (1866-1895).


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   hope2bsurvivor Preview Go
My story of survival.My experiences of self harm,eating distress,depression and child abuse.Includes my poetry.Keep hoping.
   Culture and Schizophrenia Preview Go
"Schizophrenia" is founded in problem-solving behavior. As individuals and groups, humans act as adaptive systems solving problems that arise through a problem-solving mechanism. This mechanism makes it possible to solve some problems but concomitantly causes others. One such connected problem is "schizophrenia", a malfunction of the problem-solving mechanism.
   The Limbic Region Emotion Central Preview Go
A safe have for those to come together and be able to talk without fear of discrimination, or the be gawked at by the perptators of stigmatism. On the web site you may store your poems, etc. On the groups, share your thoughts with others like yourself.

   Katie's All Mixed Up Transsexual Life Preview Go
A MtF transsexual psychology graduate student discusses transsexuality and transgenderism from a personal, psychological, and feminist perspective.
   LIVING WITH MANIC DEPRESSION:between the giggles and th Preview Go
My Poetry...bipolar page...sports...medical ...music....skydiving...firefighting...kids, parents, pets, jokes and more LOADS of free stuff too
   xFinding The Lightx Preview Go
A mental health forum,supporting those with depression,self harm,eating disorders and anxiety.Everyone is welcome. Advice and support for all x
   Empty Sadness:Depression Preview Go
Site about Depression, including information on treatments (medication, Psychotherapy, ECT), recommended books on Depression, psychotherapy, suicide and self injury.
   A lily or a rose? - Survivors of abuse and bullying Preview Go
A site with support and information for survivors of abuse and bullying, who have mental health problems. With poetry and creativity, personal stories, survivor support networking and links.
   Cath's Eating Disorder Website Preview Go
A place where Eating Disorders sufferers can find hope,support and understanding.Includes many sections,from eating disorders info (anorexia,bulimia,comp ulsive overeating) to warning signs, consequences,related issues (BPD,Self-Injury,Depre ssion,OCD,etc.) poetry all the way to discussion board,personnal stories,help for friends and family members,etc.Hop
   Crazy Cutter: Catharsis Preview Go
Personal site about my struggle with self-injury & depression, information on stopping SI and coming out, my online diary, and poetry.

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