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Do you need help with something related to your WebRing blog? You can explore the many help pages listed below or ask a question in the forum.

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   How do I edit my blog? Preview Go
To edit a previously existing post on your WebRing blog, simply sign in to your WebRing blog and locate the post you wish to edit. For more details, see this page.
   How do I delete a comment on my blog? Preview Go
To delete a comment on your blog, you need to first sign in to your blog. After you're logged in, click "comment" found at the bottom of the post with the offending comment. This will open your comment window, where you should find a "delete" link below each comment. For more details, see this page.
   How do I sign in to my blog? Preview 1 review(s) — Go
As long as you have created your blog, you should find a tab labeled "Blog" on your My Account page. Click the "Blog" tab to automatically sign-in to your blog. Can't find the "Blog" tab or can't sign in? See this page or request help in the forum.
   Why can't I edit my blog? Preview 1 review(s) — Go
The most likely reason is that you aren't signed in to your blog. To sign in, go to your My Account page and click on the "Blog" tab. What's that? You were able to sign in but you can't find the "edit" link? In fact, your entire blog page seems to have just cut off part of the way down? You most likely have unclosed media tags. For details, see this page.
   Why is my blog gone? Preview Go
The three most likely reasons your blog no longer exists is because the content was deemed spam, you posted something pornographic, or you linked to a "dangerous" site. For more details, see this page. Don't recall violating any of the above? There might be a technical error. Visit the forum to report your missing blog.

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