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The Best Virtual Horse Games - Where you can put your sim game on!!! Online Virtual and Sim Horse Games  

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The Best Virtual Horse Games

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Manager: susan714
Where you can put your sim game on!!! Online Virtual and Sim Horse Games



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   . Wild Hearts v.1 . Heartbeat . Preview Go
You were kicked out of your herd, with no choice but to scale the impossibly high peaks, to view the desolate landscape on the other side, the classic horror-story among all equines. Reluctantly, you begin the climb from hell, resting little, and the mountains take their toll on your strength...
   Equus Unlimited Preview Go
EU is a new sim horse game that just got started. Not everything is completly finished but it will be soon. Please come check us out and join EU! We promise you won't regret it.
   Endless Dreams Preview Go
A realistic horse RPG where actions speak louder than words. Gallop away to...Endless Dreams!

   Forever Meadows Sim Horse Game Preview Go
A fun SIM Horse game played by email and message boards. You can own, train, show, breed your SIM horses and more! Constantly updated
   Equidise Country Preview Go
EC is an established SIM horse game where members create a member page, breed, sell and show horses. The game is run by two girls who have been in SIM games for 4 and 6 years. Definately worth checking out. Very active and quickly updated.

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