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Fighting Cancer - It is Time for People to Know the TRUTH about Cancer. If you or someone you know is suffering with this disease, I encou

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Fighting Cancer

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It is Time for People to Know the TRUTH about Cancer. If you or someone you know is suffering with this disease, I encourage you to be responsible and do your own research. The Scientific Proof has been established that if a body has a pH of 7.4 and above it will not sustain Cancer cells. There is information within this community that can be printed and taken to your "practicing" medical professionals. Don't delay, life is too important to waste. Fight your own fight armed with the TRUTH.


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   Seek The Truth Preview Go
FREE EDUCATION for those that are willing to take a logical approach in their health care. Who do you put YOUR Faith in...Those that gain from an illness or those that live to find the answers for good health?
   Statistics Of All Cancer Treatments Preview Go
For patients benefit, we gather statistics of all cancer treatments. We also provide an interactive community and lists of doctors. Of course everything is Free.
   Books for cancer families Preview Go
Two books chronicle the wife and son of Alvin Oickle as they battle cancer “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep” is Oickle’s journal his late wife’s condition and battle. “raw courage new growth” is son Matthew Scott’s personal diary and notes of his battle with cancer.

   Sick? Need Help? Preview Go
A must read for anyone suffering with Cancer and their loved ones. Give this plan 30 days of your determination and you can raise your body's pH to above 7.4...Find out why you would want to.
   Cesium Carbonate to prevent and stop Cancer Preview Go
An easy to print page to take to your Doctor. Doctor's will not have this information provided to them from the medical community for another several years. You and the Doctor deserve this information NOW
   Acidosititis -Basics for a Healthy Body Preview Go
Cancer Cells can ONLY live in an Acidic environment. Find out how to raise your body's pH quickly, safely and effectively.
   Acrylamide Causes Cancer Preview Go
Learn what foods contain this cancer causing agent. You may be surprised!
   Basics of Cancer Preview Go
What exactly is Cancer and how does it live in the body? Find out today. Cancer is on the rise only for those that do not take the time to learn the facts.
   Cancer Research a Fraud? Preview Go
Would Money, Power and Greed come before Human Life? You be the Judge.
   NatureGem -- Healing by Nature Preview Go
Promoting awareness and avoidance of toxins in our food and environment that can trigger disease, providing access to healing herbs and natural remedies, alternative medical therapies and practitioners, nutrition information, organic and natural products, and health-related research, news, and publications.

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