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AstroLove WebRing - Astro Love is a Webring about Astrology of any kind, Numerology, Planets, Stars, and New Age. This is all about Our Life

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Astro Love is a Webring about Astrology of any kind, Numerology, Planets, Stars, and New Age. This is all about Our Life Long paths directing us how to manage the Journey upon this Earth plane. In the many styles of life there is, lets choose together to work as one to continue through space and time hand in hand. Seeing Twinkling lights as a guide to better our understanding. Here there be no strangers. Only Friends who've yet to meet.

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This is the Web Ring Home for everything Astrology in Life, Love and Learning. A very diverse group about anything related to Astrology, Numerology, Astrological Colours, Charts or Planetary configurations. The Chinese Zodiac. Maybe a little Celtic Astrology too.
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This Astrology page was intended for anyone from the believer to the skeptic, for the novice to the advanced. It can be for fun or for serious discovery and discussion of astrological concepts and opinions. Although the Astrology page is just one aspect to my site, it is by far the largest. To see the rest of my site, there should be a link to the main page. Enjoy :)
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A beautiful, fun and informative vision of Astrology. Uplifting Sign profiles, Zodiac Sign Language for Lovers, Tour of the Planets, monthly Newsletter with Future Forecast for Love, Moon Sign & Planetary Aspect Calendars, Healing, Positive Chart Readings and Consultations by Danielle, Illustrated or e-mail Tarot & Psychic Readings, books, decks, Tarot Series, articles

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Award-winning site by astrocartographer Rob Couteau, includes over 250 charts and astrocartography maps with extensive biographical analysis of historical, cultural and artistic personalities, and charts of nations and events. Recommended by the Mountain Astrologer magazine as 'A wonderful resource'
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Dedicated to the study of Love, Karma, Sex, and Relationship. Offering an abundance of information on relationship astrology, Free reading giveaways, Monthly Love Scopes, a Love Forum, more! Personalized, hand-written readings~specializing in Karmic synastry, Soul Path readings, relationships, and destiny issues.
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Astro Love is about everything Astrology. Fun, facts, games, trivia, quizes, TesT and even a few quote pages of famous and not to famous Astrologers. Astro Love is designed for learning and all aspects of Astrology. Encluding Eastern Philosophy like the Chinese Zodiac and Celtic Luanr Astrology. Subscribe: AstroLove-subscribe@ya hoogroups.com E Mail: AstroLove@yahoogroups. com

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