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Astrology Online - Come find astrological readings and information in this astrology community.  Readers, information and a wealth of

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Astrology Online

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Come find astrological readings and information in this astrology community.  Readers, information and a wealth of experienced astrologers and psychics at your fingertips!  From astrological charts and charting supplies to horoscopes and personal readings.





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   Lynda Stevens's Home Page Preview Go
My articles on astrology include book reviews as well as a critical look at some of the beliefs which inform a lot of astrological interpretation. You can find out how to contact me and what services I offer through my 'Confessions of a Lapsed Astrologer' section.
   Astrology Central! Preview Go
FREE in-depth Birthcharts, astrology information and discussions, also FREE Horoscopes.
Free daily and monthly horoscopes, free chart online, monthly ephemeris, Sabian symbol degree meanings for monthly moon phases, yearly eclipses and retrograde planets, solar eclipse chart, solar eclipse maps, free tarot reading, free biorhythm, free E-cards, astrological reports, calendars

   Aquarian Zone Preview Go
A metaphysical web-site with astrological focus, over 100 pages of delight. Welcome! ~ Astrologer: Sandy Hughes
   Vedic astrology - Integrated Vedic Studies Preview Go
Jyotish astrological services and related books - the transmission of occult knowledge that distinguishes reality from illusion for your personal benefit.
   HOROSCOPESCHAT - Message Board - Yuku Preview Go
A global astrology forum. Learn astrology, natal chart analysis, horary, solar returns in a positive friendly astrology community.
   Transitmagik Preview Go
Integrating your Mayan Time signature into 22 years apprenticeship study of the Life Stream Astrology System to reveal a galactically aligned path.
   Grand Trines Preview Go
Grand Trines is devoted to Astrological Research that is empirically based.
   Dragonfly Mandala Studio Preview Go
Astrological Art featuring Custom birth Portrait Mandalas, zodiac information, tarot, reiki healing, intuitive readings and a mandalaBLOG to put the stars to practical use.
   Astrology, Plain & Simple Preview Go
All types of astrological charts cast and interpreted by an astrologer with over 25 years of experience. This is astrology as it was meant to be practiced.

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