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Aspiring Authors - A place to view the authors of tomorrow. This is a place to showcase our work, and grow as writers. Read our stories and

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Aspiring Authors

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A place to view the authors of tomorrow. This is a place to showcase our work, and grow as writers. Read our stories and enjoy a new century of fiction.


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   With Two Girlfriends Preview Go
Intriguing novel about a college man who lives with two beautiful women. The sex is very good, but otherwise they treat him very badly. One day he finds a book of strange tales about sexual captvity in the Nineteenth Century. Each morning as he reads another of the stories, the solution to his problem begins to take shape. A mixture of light and darkness, pleasure and pain, joy and sorrow. For mature communities. Involves sexual captivity, torture, psychiatry, medicine, forensics, existentialism, and libertine lifestyles.
   Perfect Lines Preview Go
A teenager's ramblings and random scribblings trying to be passed off as good writing.
   CrazedWriter's World Preview Go
Collection of original novels, short stories, flash fiction. Most are of fantasy/sci-fi genre with a smattering of romance.

   Two Wild Swans Preview Go
A romantic(not romance!) novel set in Germany & Spain during WWI...lovely illustrations!:)
   Tales of the Immortal Night Preview Go
Tales of the Immortal Night: the Greek Myths of the Constellations and Photographs of the Galaxies takes you on a magical odyssey of the cosmos. With the mythic sagas of the Greek gods and heroes of the constellations and tours of the Hubble Deep Space Telescope photographs, your relationship with the night sky will be changed forever.
   Dance with Your Heart! Christian Inspirational Books Preview Go
Be empowered, inspired, and motivated by miracle survivor Dr. Shirley Cheng, a blind and physically disabled award-winning author with 27 book awards, Bible teacher, founder of www.Ultra-Ability.com Ministry, motivational speaker, poet, and author/contributor/editor of 35 books by age 27.
   Poetry and Short Stories by Debbie Bowers Preview Go
Original and true short stories and poetry. While the animal stories are quite humorous, the stories and poems about family are very heartbreaking.
   wizanda - Oneness - True Faith Preview Go
Oneness Community online help in the real world with spiritual problems, music, web design and anything in life that people need help with freely given 24/7.
   For Flying Servants Only....... Preview Go
The new, official site of up and coming author Kristin Battestella!
   Dark Chamber Preview Go
it has articles on gothic art, paranormality and legends, an image gallery, a horror short stories section, many related links and a newsletter

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