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Artist of the Bleeding Heart - This webring is for anyone who has an original artistic site. Preferably something gory, gothic, erotic or abject, but i

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Artist of the Bleeding Heart

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Manager: lilithezine
This webring is for anyone who has an original artistic site. Preferably something gory, gothic, erotic or abject, but it doesn't have to be. Blood is NOT a required theme. The painting above is by international artist Charles Alexander Moffat. [This Ring is a member of the Gothic Unity Network]

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   The Demonification and Sexuality of Lilith Preview Go
Lilith (Lilitu) was an ancient Sumerian and Mesopotamian fertility goddess. She was worshipped by people seeking to have good crops and many children. Mythology and stories about Lilith are not really well known however, because most of them have been obliterated by competing religions with a different sexual agenda. Today she is a feminist icon.
   The Sumerian Legend of Lilith Preview Go
This epic poem was translated from an ancient hebrew version of the Sumerian legend of Lilith (Lilitu in Sumerian), an agricultural/fertility goddess. Her myth is found in over 100 different religions and has numerous name variatians. In the Bible Lilith is the first wife of Adam & in Greek mythology she is the goddess of the dark moon (Artemis is the goddess of the full moon).
   The Lilith Gallery of Toronto Preview Go
Feminist, political and controversial art by international and Canadian artists.

   Charles Alexander Moffat at the Lilith Gallery Preview Go
Moffat's paintings and photography span topics of politics, feminism, activism, anti-censorship, advertising, sexuality, homophobia, pacifism, fetishes, capitalism & the oil industry. Moffat's recent move to South Korea marks him as an international artist with an interest in the brewing politics happening along the DMZ (the de-militiarized zone) between North and South Korea.
   Jennifer Linton at the Lilith Gallery Preview Go
The social-political art of Canadian artist Jennifer Linton is currently featured at the Lilith Gallery. Her work is similar to Cindy Sherman's in that she uses herself as the model on a regular basis. Her works have a quirky/funny side to them. Her works are for sale at www.jenniferlinton.ca.
   The Art & Philosophy of Cannibalism Preview Go
The art and philosophy of eating people? Yes. Its true. Cannibalism is an artform and a philosophy. I believe in cannibalism. And that belief transforms itself into my art. But why do I believe in cannibalism? Because of science (HGH, human growth hormone) and mythology (vampires).
   Lilith Adler at the Lilith Gallery Preview Go
Lilith Adler died in December 2000, but her artwork remains online as a permanent collection of her political, social and feminist artistic views. She remains a controversial artist for the history books.
   Cindy Sherman Preview Go
Photography and biography of Cindy Sherman. Considered to be one of the ten best artists of the 20th century.
   Rachel Stone at the Lilith Gallery Preview Go
Black and white (and colour) photography by a Dutch single-mother/Feminist photographer.
   Artists & Writers Wanted!!! Preview Go
We are looking for artist & writers who enjoy creating artwork and/or writing articles, editorials, essays, rants, biographies on a variety of topics: Automobiles, Business, Economics, Fashion, Feminism, Gothic Culture, Music, Mythology, Paganism, Politics, Religion, Society, Technology, Wicca. Knowledge of website design is a must.

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