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The History of Art & Architecture - The History of Art and Architecture from around the world and historical events that took place around them (or caused t

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The History of Art & Architecture

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The History of Art and Architecture from around the world and historical events that took place around them (or caused the art pieces to be made). For example, the events that happened around the WTC and its collapse on 9/11 would count as historical events that happened around an architectural piece. The logo is "Julie #1", a painting by Charles Alexander Moffat which shows the CN Tower in the background. The CN Tower is the world's tallest building ever constructed, and is in Toronto Canada.

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Green Construction is Coming of Age.
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Green housing and design. Some things to think about when building or renovating your home.
   Gothicism and Romanticism in William Blake Preview Go
In such articles and paintings as “Songs of Innocence: the Chimney Sweeper”, “The Clod and the Pebble”, and through the paintings and writings in his “Books of Urizen.” William Blake used the ideas of Death and God, along with several thoughts on the failures of love and imagination.

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An art history website about Paul Gauguin - Paintings of Jesus Christ, women of Brittany and Tahiti.
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Canadian Landscape Painter E.J. Hughes has died of cardiac arrest in a Duncan, B.C., hospital on January 5th, 2007. He was 93. His paintings of Nanaimo harbour, tugboats and the Comox Valley hang in galleries across Canada and fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars.
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Masters of Gothic Romanticism: Romantic art by Henry Fuseli and William Blake.
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Contemporary Art is art that has been made during the last 40 years, usually by an artist who is still alive and actively making art. Determining which artists from the last 40 years deserve attention is the difficult trick.
   The Gothic Life of William Blake: 1757-1827 Preview Go
William Blake may not fit into the role of what we consider to be a "modern goth"... but his poetry and art about sex, love, religion and especially death marks him as a goth within the Romanticist period of art.
   Charles Alexander Moffat Preview Go
The Artist's Official Website - Controversial and political paintings by the globe trotting international artist.

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