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Arms Open Wide - Jesus loves you with arms open wide. Jesus' love for us exceeds anything we can imagine; it is higher than we can ever g

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Arms Open Wide

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Jesus loves you with arms open wide. Jesus' love for us exceeds anything we can imagine; it is higher than we can ever guess and wider than the ocean. His love cannot be shaken by the circumstances of life, and encompasses every aspect of our lives.


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   Why are we so Biblically Illiterate? Preview Go
Why, in a culture where nearly everyone can read, has access to a Bible, and has a church on every corner, is there such biblical illiteracy? And why has that biblical illiteracy infected the church as well? Because we have been undercut in four vitally important areas.
   Reflections On Prayer Preview Go
Thoughts from retired rector, the Rev'd Glenda Meakin. She believes that prayer directs, nourishes, and sustains our activity in the world. It keeps us in humble awareness that we are called to be channels of God's grace and compassion.
   Relationships WebRing Blog Preview Go
Articles that explore the intricacies of human communication and expression in relationships.

   Christians and Boundaries Preview Go
Christians need boundaries but often don't have them in their relationships. Karla Downing lists five causes of weak boundaries.
   Action of Churches Together in Scotland Preview Go
ACTS is a national ecumenical organisation of churches in Scotland, founded in 1990.
   Prodigal Children - Six Things You Absolutely Must Do Preview Go
The parable of the prodigal son in Luke 15:11-32 provides the model for six things you absolutely must do when dealing with your prodigal children.
   Women: the front line against hunger Preview Go
Send a message of solidarity with women worldwide. Your message will be shared across the globe and you'll join tens of thousands of individuals who believe that no one should go hungry.
   The Call Of The Cross Preview Go
Christ's journey to Calvary, His crucification and aftermath in a poetic mode. A must read for the would be Christian and perhaps a reminder to the proponents of the 'cheap grace' ideology.
   How to Destroy Your Church: My Way or the Highway Preview Go
Destroying a church is easy, particularly if you are in a position of leadership. Simply insist on 'my way or the highway.' It's a very equestrian position: dig in your heels like a mule, and get on your
   Primum Succerrere! Now that's love! Preview Go
The Bible has many expressions for love. There's 'erotic' love, 'friendship' love, 'happy' love and then there's the kind of love that is a choice no matter how we feel, Primum Succerrere. It is the kind of love that is apparently missing in nearly 50% of marriages in North America today.

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