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Alternative Parenting - Natural Parenting - This webring is dedicated to parents and parents-to-be who are interested in a more natural lifestyle for themselves and

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Alternative Parenting - Natural Parenting

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This webring is dedicated to parents and parents-to-be who are interested in a more natural lifestyle for themselves and their children. Our focus is on attachment parenting and natural lifestyle issues.

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   Attachment Parenting Preview Go
instinctive and natural care for babies
   Melissa's Reviews Preview Go
Helpful tidbits and reviews of interesting products, especially natural living-type items
   Growing Up Healthy and Unhindered Preview Go
We as parents have to help our children develop mentally, emotionally and spiritually, when WE OURSELVES have not finished accomplishing those tasks. We must realize that we don't raise our kids, we grow up together. Our children were created with everything they need to succeed. It isn't good enough to bring our kids up the way we were brought up. The key is to guide and influence without control or coersion. Let's look at some ways to do that.

   All About Waterbirth & WaterBabies: Waterbirth Website Preview Go
An intimate look at the newest innovation in safe, gentle, joyous, empowering birth. Features: Photo Gallery, tutorial, info that explains preparations for and benefits of waterbirth. Read 75 real waterbirth stories from moms & birthcare providers. Learn about the award-winning WATER BABY video, the vital importance of a truly gentle birth and the longterm value it provides to mom, dad and baby.
   EcoChoices Community Preview Go
Cultural Creatives online community with message boards, free cards and email, directory, etc. Empahsis on the environment, health, parenting, community, recycling, eco building, green living, travel. etc.
   Advanced Health Blog Preview Go
Advanced scientific health provides indisputable proof that the natural cure for disease in the human body IS the human body as it was created. Learn how to give back to the body that which it was intended to have, in a form it can use. Save Lives!
   Learn the Truth about Vaccinations Preview Go
Before you decide to Vaccinate or NOT to Vaccinate arm yourself with the facts. Learn to stand up for your health rights and those of your family. What are the side effects? Help Save the Children.
   AnnyBelle Foundation Preview Go
ABF was founded to preserve the right to provide a source for families to obtain education and resources for Youth Achievement. "We begin to die the day we become silent about the things that matter" ~ Martin Luther King

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