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Patriotic Americans - This webring is for Patriotic Americans who wants the best for this Great Country and for all of its citizens.  The

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Patriotic Americans

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This webring is for Patriotic Americans who wants the best for this Great Country and for all of its citizens.  The tone in Washington is mean spirited and divisive. Some think an ideal America would just consist of one party and one view. Iraq was a one-party system. So was the Soviet Union. This ring holds the true flame of freedom, that of speech and thought to which The Bill of Rights gives the highest consideration.


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   Jesse Jackson Quotes Preview Go
Jesse Jackson in his own words, Jesse talks about Capital Punishment, America, Brains, King, Children,Constituency, deeds, dreams, giving, greatness,hope, leadership, Opportunity, looking down at people,
   Nancy Pelosi Quotes, First Woman Speaker of the House Preview Go
Nancy Pelosi, the leader of the Democrats in the House, Quotes on the issues of the day. Iraq, Bush, employment, the environment, Tom Delay, civil rights, workers. You name it. It is here.
   Electric Quill And Paper Preview Go
fysESQUIRE, Topics Directory/ SDPages

   American Economy Collapsing Preview Go
Record oil prices, skyrocketing inflation, out of control national debt, the mortgage and credit crisis, the American dollar loses 18% of its value and the American GDP grows only 2.2% in 2007 means only one thing: The US economy has collapsed into a recession.
   GWBblows Blog Preview Go
George Dubya Bush Blows Blog
   Great Democratic Speeches Preview Go
Democratic Party Speech site.Speeches by Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Hubert Humphrey, Jesse Jackson, Mario Cuomo, John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., Eleanor Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Adlai E. Stevenson, Harry S. Truman, Woodrow Wilson, all the great democrats
   George Washington Quotes Preview Go
Father of our country. Quotes. First President. In his own words. War, peace, Religion, and much more. He may not have cut down the cherry tree but he did say this. George Washington
   Let The Trumpet Sound Preview Go
Martin Luther King Jr. Quotes. Let The Trumpet Sound! The words of Martin Luther King, Messanger Of God....
   John F. Kennedy Quote Preview Go
Kennedy on arts,senior Citizens, being President,Conformity,CRISIS,CUBA,Education,Forgiveness,Morality,Spirit,Peace,Poetry,PROBLEMS,POVERTY,laughter and more.
   Senator Sam Ervin, Defender of The US Constitution Preview Go
Sam Ervin Jr.'s Quote Page. The Man that stopped Nixon and Watergate, in his own words. Senator from North Carolina. Believer in the US Bill of Rights..

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