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Anti-War - This is a webring for people who oppose the tyrannical and absurd actions taken by our so-called good leader of the Unit

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Manager: theodora_maffat
This is a webring for people who oppose the tyrannical and absurd actions taken by our so-called "good leader" of the United States.

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   The Dick Cheney Preview Go
The Big Dick Cheney, In his own words. Let him tell you about Aurthur Andersen, Halliburton, Saddam Hussein, weapons of mass destruction, united nations, Job creation and much more.
   Harvesting Souls For Jesus Church Preview Go
A site that serves,loves and honors the name of Jesus.
   Global Peak Oil Crisis: Kick The Oil Habit Now Preview Go
Designed to raise awareness about global peak oil and its effects on the global economy. Come back for info. on the extent of the world’s addiction to oil, strategies for responding to the coming crisis, and other related topics.

   J. L. Navarro Preview Go
Author's official website...
Do you value your life! It's about losing our human rights, spirituality & the peole controlling our planet (who fool scientists & everyone too). These people create a lot of stress for us through power, stress & needs. A lot of our needs aren't necessary, if only we learn to relax, be spiritual and not materialistic. We can take back our power, by knowing how we are manipulated.
   Welcome to Homeland Security! Preview Go
Free high-quality posters (and more) for downloading and printing, intended for freedom activists who want to oppose the burgeoning police state in America.
   Spark of Freedom Preview Go
Activism and Politics from Canada's Capital
   Blogathon 2005 - Blogging For Greenpeace Preview Go
Blogathon 2005 takes place on the 6th August 2005. A 24 hour worldwide event which we're proud to be a part of. We'll be blogging for Greenpeace. Please do visit us.
   Movement for Real Change Preview Go
An kansas city-based organization promoting peace and knowledge through anti-war protests and advertisement.
   Living Poetry Garden Preview Go
A garden of thought, dedicated to redefining the human condition. i trust one*thing, Change is Inevitable. Change your life, change the world. - Magic*Happens.

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