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Atheism - The opinions expressed by the members of this ring don't necessarily reflect those of the manager... but they might!&nbs

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Manager: genessa
The opinions expressed by the members of this ring don't necessarily reflect those of the manager... but they might!  Find here sites by atheists or agnostics and/or about atheism and/or agnosticism, not to mention secular humanism.  Because of the climate of the times, you may also find sites about evolution, with or without mention of gods or religions, and sites about separation of church and state, alike from people of faith and people eschewing faith.  Photo credit:  Photo © by Motorrad-67


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   The English Atheist Preview Go
Atheist Humour,and the home of Hubert, the Dancing Beaver Deity.
   Combatting Kristianity (hypcritical Christianity) Preview Go
When I say "combat Kristianity" I primarily mean combat the narrow-mindedness, intolerance and cruelty done in the name of Christ. But I also mean, combat the stage magic and superstition. I don't mean combat the philosophy.
   The Film Atheist Preview Go
Film reviews from a decidedly non-religious perspective.

   Burn The Liberals Preview Go
Liberal thoughts on all things news.
   unspoken truths Preview Go
A collection of rants on a variety of subjects by a rabid atheist. Freedom from religion begins with the ability to think and reason. Sometimes this process begins when assumptions are turned on their head.
   The Logic Of Fundamentalism - Peering Into The Box Preview Go
An Ex-Christian fundamentalist looks back on the "logic" of the movement he escaped. (Another subversive hippie page by Javacrucian)
   Nameless Heathen Preview Go
A blog about other people's religion
   Nordish Portal Preview Go
We are an English-speaking kingdom of egoistic yogis and yoginis in Lima where group sex and laissez-faire capitalism are something common.
   The Reasonable Gentleman Preview Go
Ration and Reason free from the chains of religious ignorance
   Plato the Lap Dog vs the Illuminati Preview Go
Plato the Lap Dog vs the Illuminati, also science and reason!

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