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Anti-Government - For anyone who absolutely LOATHES corporate sponsored government and all the corruption and greed that acompanies it.

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Manager: lazarus3
For anyone who absolutely LOATHES corporate sponsored government and all the corruption and greed that acompanies it.

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   EVERYTHING INTERESTING !!! Preview 1 review(s) — Go
We discuss everything under the sun here!! No matter what your point of view is, we'll discuss it with you!! We are a unique site looking for ppl with many differing points of view to hold discussions and debates with.
   New World Order: Seek and Destroy Preview Go
World Libertarianism is now the only alternative to globalist oppression. A multitude of free sovereign nations competing in a free world market has natural workability superior to any form of world government and can be less easily subverted to collectivism. We cannot continue in the present mode of ignoring the future. This website starts by addressing basic issues of thinking and then quickly moves to increasing detail.
   Libertarian Nationalist Revolution Preview Go
Brief summary of how absolute individual Liberty and free enterprise can solve every problem on Earth without injustice to anyone. Principles apply equally to all countries.

   AntiChrist - Satan Wants You To Vote Democrat Preview 5 review(s) — Go
The Brother of Jesus warns: Satan works through the Democratic Party to turn the children away from God and bring them into servitude to the demonic forces of darkness. Those who vote Democratic have innocent blood on their hands, and are guility of the death of the children! An UnForgivable Sin. You can not believe or be saved by Jesus, and vote Democrat.
   A Time Of Crisis - Will The South Rise Again? Preview 1 review(s) — Go
The US has been conquered by an enemy that has waged war from within. The last vestige in the battle of freedom and liberty is presently being fought in the South! Still possessing a moral fiber, the people in this region of the country have come to realize that when they vote Democratic in local elections, they are empowering the enemy of freedom, liberty, the Rights of Man and God!
   Deists, The Laws, our Constitution, The Destiny of Man Preview Go
Our Constitutional forefathers were Deists who understood the necessity for freedom and the right to live in a segregated community with like minded people. That we have permitted government to homogenize our thinking, and deny our fundamental rights, has alienated us from the knowledge of our true higher spiritual reality.

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