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Anitaverse Ring of RPGs - Webring is open for all Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter related role playing games that at the very least have a website pag

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Anitaverse Ring of RPGs

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Webring is open for all Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter related role playing games that at the very least have a website page giving recruitment and game information.


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   The Passionate Darkness of Sinful Beauty Preview Go
Get ready to enjoy the ride of the life time but tread carefully once you choose your role. Shall you be a powerful lycan? A seductive vampire? Or a pathetic little human. Either way all creatures answer to me, the Master of the City, I can both help you and hinder you on your way to greatness, it all depends on how carefully you act in my favour..And what favours you are willing to do for me...
   Dizzy In The Rain Preview Go
(Takes place directly after Burnt Offerings) Circumstance requires Anita to balance her romantic life with her roles as supernatural police consultant, vampire executioner, zombie animator, human servant and lover to the vampire Master of the City and lupa to the local werewolf pack. In this case, Anita is quickly confronted with several problems that ultimately prove to be interrelated: see details on webpage! :) Currently looking for members!
   City of Xandi Preview Go
Its is a role playing game based off of Laurell K. Hamilton's best selling vampire hunter seris. The city's master is Jean-Luc (no relations to the captian)and the city is losely based in the Colorado mountains.

   When the Moon is Full Preview Go
This is a written role playing game based on the Anita Blake books by Laurell K. Hamilton. Original characters welcome!
   Sanctuary, USA Preview Go
Sanctuary is a cgi chat roleplay based on the worlds created by the author, Laurell K Hamilton. A place where humans and non humans interact and live together. It is a modern setting. We play nightly at a free chat service. Details on Sanctuary provided at Sanctuary site. Come and join us.
   Taminy Ridge --- An Anitverse RPG Preview Go
Taminy Ridge is an Anitaverse-based RPG set deep in the Appalachian Mountains. It's cast base is made up entirely of created characters and we are fairly new on the Anitaverse scene. The RPG has some really hot writers and alot of potential for some great gaming. Come check out the website at the Site address and then check us out and join us for some great Anitaverse gaming fun!!!! Tazira; The GameMaster
   Danse Macabre Preview Go
Anita Blake : Vampire Hunter inspired Mature RP Forum.
   Circus Of The Damned Preview Go
Welcome to Miami, Florida. Population, approximately 324,000... and dropping. Not that it really matters though. In a few days, the vamps rise from their graves and that populations jumps back up again.
   Blood-Square - Home Preview Go
An original Anita Blake-based storyline filled with amazing story plots and characters. Unique races, a competitive point system, and an ever changing layout each month. A war is brewing silently, while races struggle to tear down the walls of discrimination, by going against the government.
   Sanguine Twilight Preview Go
An roleplay chatroom based on novels by Laurell K. Hamilton, set in New Orleans. Vampires, werewolves and other creatures roam the streets - come and joing us, we promise blood, sex and violence...

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