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Legend of the Flame - Slash and Yaoi fanfiction / artwork from tv and anime series. Same sex relationships. Final Fantasy, Street Fighter, Fat

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Legend of the Flame

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Slash and Yaoi fanfiction / artwork from tv and anime series. Same sex relationships. Final Fantasy, Street Fighter, Fatal Fury and other anime. Star Trek (TNG, DS9, V), Highlander and whatever else can possibly be slashed. If your site has any same gender pairups of existing characters or original ones, please join this webring.


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   Ashray's Corner Preview Go
A small site with my FanFictions; Humor, Yaoi and Insanity, with some Romance and Fluff, but most important: SLASH! This is a warning, there is Boy on Boy, in various ratings! For now with Saiyuki, Yugioh, Harry Potter, Final Fantasy 7, Sherlock Holmes (the RDJ!Movie) and Grimm,
   GSPervert's homepage Preview Go
The parody and original character artwork of GSPervert . Female, F/F and M/F; mostly adult. Fandoms include Rescue Rangers, Road Rovers, Sly Cooper, SWAT Kats, Thundercats and Tomb Raider.
   FurryFanWorks Mailing List Preview Go
A place to share artwork, stories, manips, vids, Flash files, websites, information and everything else about your favorite Furry characters/worlds from the media and Furry versions of non-Furry worlds. This list is open to all types of pairings (M/F, M/M, F/F, Herms) and all ratings.

   Auburnimp's Weiss Kreuz Shrine Preview Go
A small collection of Weiss Kreuz and Side B fanfiction and fanart
   ChezBunny Preview Go
The writings of Hyperbunny in Star Wars TPM, Highlander and other fandoms.
   Chishio no Ai Preview Go
The home of a fledgling original online manga called "Chishio no Ai" or "Blood's Love". Yaoi-themed, modern-day with elements of magic and futuristic technology.
   Yaoi/Slash Legend of the Flame Preview Go
This is the home of the Yaoi/Slash Legend of the Flame Ring. If you have yaoi or slash content in your webpage...come and JOIN!!!
   Miracle Shining's Secret Garden Preview Go
This site is for anyone who loves being entertained with a wicked sense of humor, whether you love yaoi or non-yaoi, it's all the same! I hope you enjoy!
   L o o s e Wires Preview Go
Sometimes just normal fan art isn't enough. You need. Slashyness! Yes. This is a Darkwing Duck Slash Yaoi site. Cute drawings. Megavolt loves QuackerJack? Darkwing Loves Negaduck? Oh yess. Come enjoy the slashynes!
   ComicSlash Preview Go
This list is dedicated to m/m and f/f romances between adult comic book characters in canon and mostly in fanfic. Adult content.

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