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Anime RPG - A ring dedicated to the best Anime Role-Playing Game related pages on the 'net! Like Anime RPG's? Have a site dedicated

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Anime RPG

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A ring dedicated to the best Anime Role-Playing Game related pages on the 'net!

Like Anime RPG's? Have a site dedicated to them?


We have everything and anything you just might be interested in.


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   Saint Tempus Memoria RPG Preview 1 review(s) — Go
An Anime inspired RPG, it is an exploration of human nature. Taking place in a prestigious academy, students are involved in a spiral of mystery, scandal and a harrowing secret. The RPG is very interactive, and everyone is friendly! There is a general main plot, but also many subplots.
   World of Anime RPG Preview Go
This is an RPG Dedicated to many different kinds of anime. We have tried to make sure not to leave anything out with Staff who are considered Anime Freaks. We have: .hack//ROOTS, Bleach, Gantz, Cowboy Bebop, Naruto, Yu Yu hakusho, and Zoids, plus Gundam Seed, IGPX and World of Final Fantasy coming soon!
   Uzumaki Clan Zenith Preview Go
Number 1 Stop for Anime and Manga! We feature an RPG of several clashing anime such as Gundam, Naruto and Tsubasa Chronicles.

   World Wide Mew Mew Preview Go
This is a new RPG I am trying out. It's based on the Characters of "Tokyo Mew Mew" or it's also known as "Mew Mew Power" in the USA. Tokyo Mew Mew is about five ordinary girls who get infused with animal DNA. With their new abilities and powers they have a duty to protect the Earth from aliens who wish to reclaim it. The Manga was created by Mia Ikumi and Reiko Yoshida.
   The Hunted Preview Go
A RPG with a mix of several different Anime's, with a great story line, and unlimited possiblities!
   Final Fantasy 7 RPG Preview Go
My site is the borderline of our world to the next and our members are the key
   Suikoden RPG Preview Go
Set 200 years after the events of Suikoden 1, Asgard Blight, a descendant of Luca, has come upon the Black Sword Rune. He liberated the High East Province and renamed it "Highland" once again. With it firmly under his control, he has turned his eye upon the Bright Shield Rune. Knowing it lies within Dunan, the search begins there. Dunan wants nothing of a war with Highland to protect the rune, even though Highland was a province under their command until recently. Aytre Maddoc and his son, Han begin building a army of volunteers to repel Highland and protect the rune. A 'Rune War' is about to begin. Who are the unsuspecting heroes of the conflict at hand? Come and join the fight and become a Star of Destiny!
   RpgRealm Preview Go
A site devoted to the bes games out there...Rpgs
   YumYum! Roleplaying Preview Go
Fire's bigass anime/videogame RPG collective. All are play-by-messageboard. 'Course, if you don't feel like joining any of the games, you can always drop by The MB anyway and talk to us. We don't bite. Seriously.
   Mobile Suit Gundam Academy Preview Go
A gundam RPG. based in the SEED world but in 93 CE has a very good plot line.

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