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American / Domestic Shorthair Cats =^..^=

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THE one & only WebRing dedicated to the ever-loveable American / Domestic Shorthaired Cat! =^..^= Whether you're a 100% pure American Shorthair breed, or a Domestic Shorthair mix, & no matter what coat pattern & coloration you sport - if your breed classification is American Short Hair "ASH" or Domestic Short hair "DSH" (your best guess, or check with your vet) - come on in & hang out with us! We are American cats & Proud of it!!! : D Since America IS a melting-pot - mixed breeds (DSH cats) are loved here equally & the same!

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   Kitty Korner Preview Go
This page is dedicated to my cat! His name is DC, which is short for Damn Cat. He is seven years old and has quite the attitude. If he wants something he will let you know. I also have another cat named Abby. Her job around the house is to eat, sleep, and be chased by DC. In fact I think DC believes she is his entertainment.
   Tabby Cat Pictures - Tiziano & Torre's new home Preview Go
I recently adopted a couple adorable little four-month old kitties from a friend. I named them Torre and Tiziano to reflect their hunter and gentle personalities. This is a start of the documentation of their sweet nibblable lives. Also, working on a new CD, Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers.
   Catladysue's page Preview Go
My feline family, past and present

   Catladysue's page Preview Go
My feline family, past and present

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