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Alternative Energy and Lifestyles - This ring hopes to promote Alternative Energy by providing a source of practical projects the public can easily find, as

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Alternative Energy and Lifestyles

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Manager: canivan
This ring hopes to promote Alternative Energy by providing a source of practical projects the public can easily find, as well, it will encourage a more sustainable form of LifeStyle which may provide some relief for our enviroment. Private and commercial websites are all welcome providing they have something positive to contribute.

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   Solar Battery Chargers Preview Go
Solar Battery Chargers for your Car, Auto, Motorcycle, 12 volt, 6 volt, and more, RV, Cell Phone and Boat Solar Battery Chargers, Solar Chargers for Small Batteries, AA-AAA, D, C.
   Water power with no moving parts Preview Go
The pulser pump has pumped water for 18 years using a 50 cm head from a small stream. It is available for anybody anywhere in the world and it is patent free.
   Foot-Power Scroll Saw Preview Go
Gives detailed plans on how to build a foot-power scroll saw.

   Solar Controller Preview Go
This site discribes how a solar controller or differential controller works to harvest the maximum amount of heat from a solar collector with a minimum amount of power.
   Green Collar Work Preview Go
We can't burn or drill our way out of this tecession but maybe we can create new jobs in the field of renewable energy to solve all our economic and social problems.
   Energy Crystal Ball Preview Go
I will attempt with this blog, to find and offer alternatives to oil and oil based fuels. We can live without oil, but we must plan for that time NOW!! Serious people have begun sounding the trumpet that we are past Peak Oil in the United States and we are nearing Peak Oil in the world supply.
   Solar Heated Workshop Preview Go
This will give you some idea about what's involved with the construction of a serious solar heated workshop that may also be used for drying fruit.
   Land Lord Needed! Preview Go
Men and women needed to maintain a medium planet in the middle of the solar system
   Wind Generators Preview Go
On this page you will find wind generators and turbines for sale, Including Bergery Kestrel brands. Also find books to build your own wind generator for your home, home made, best, DIY, how to plans, make a wind generator, homemade, kits, marine, small, used, homebuilt, residential wind generator.
   Honda Generators for Sale Preview Go
Honda Generators for Sale, Used and New Honda Generator prices, accessories, eu2000I Parts, eu3000is, 2000, 3000, eu2000I for your RV, camping, Find what is for sale on eBay too from this page.

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