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The Adult Fan-Fiction Ring - Ring homepage at www.marysia.com/adultfic A ring for fan-fiction stories containing particularily erotic or violent scen

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The Adult Fan-Fiction Ring

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Manager: systemx
Ring homepage at www.marysia.com/adultfic A ring for fan-fiction stories containing particularily erotic or violent scenes. The fan-fiction can be about any book, film, comic or tv show, examples are Star Trek, X-Men, Labyrinth, Highlander, X-Files etc

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   Power Plays Fan Fiction with a Kinky Edge Preview 1 review(s) — Go
BDSM-themed slash and het fanfiction for Buffy, Angel, Star Trek, Hercules, and Xena.
   The Haven Preview Go
The Haven is an archive of romantic slash (and some het) fan fiction from various fandoms, including but not limited to X-Men, Pitch Black and Justice League.
   Kelli Rei's Fan Fiction Preview Go
My slash and non slash site has fiction from TV, Anime, Movies and some of my original works. I have Stargate SG-1, Phantom Menace, and Gundam Wing.

   Merri-Todd's Het Page Preview Go
Devoted to X-Files m/f fan fiction featuring Mulder/Scully, Scully/Skinner, and Mulder/Scully/Skinner stories.
   Love is Simple Preview Go
This site hosts my Buffy the Vampire Slayer fanfiction. Some of it's het, but there's more slash.
   Mishap Preview Go
A small, but growing site of my fan fiction and original adult fiction. Hercules/Xena, Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter, and Merry Gentry and Xmen. Fiction tends to slant towards slash and alternative. This Site is Adult ONLY!
   SmutScape Preview Go
The archive for the smutscape@topica.com discussion list. This site is both het and slash, m/m and f/f. Adults 18 and over only.
   The Usagi and Mamoru Fanfiction Archive: Hentai Section Preview Go
Sailor Moon Hentai: The Hentai Section of the Usagi and Mamoru Fanfiction Archive.
   Unmasked Preview Go
Personal archive of Lamashtar's fanfiction. The adult section is separated from the other rated fiction. Fandom is comic book, concentrating on the X-men, and mostly Cyclops. Contains slashy material, both explicit and not.
   Unconscious Mind - Alyse's Web Collective Preview Go
Fanfiction featuring CI5: The New Professionals (CI5 Operational Control fanfiction archives featuring adult, slash and gen), Space: Above and Beyond (The Warchild Series - adult), Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (slash), Stargate SG1 (gen, adult and slash), Jurassic Park III (slash, Alan/Billy) and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (het, slash and gen%

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