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Addiction Support - This is a collection of websites related to addiction and support. It does not matter what the addiction is--e.g., sex,

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Addiction Support

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This is a collection of websites related to addiction and support. It does not matter what the addiction is--e.g., sex, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, pornography, fetishes, domestic violence--addiction is addiction. Faith-based, twelve-step recovery programs (like AA) are preferred, as they seem to be the most effective in dealing with addictions.




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   Gambling Facts and Fictions Preview 1 review(s) — Go
Use this online book to quit gambling or never start gambling. On our website you will find the table of contents, introduction, selected chapters, links, recent news stories, and our new article, "The Fallacy of Online Poker Gambling."
   Celtbreeze's Recovery Page Preview Go
My name I Stephanie E. and I am clean today thanks to the programs of NA and AA. This site is a journey through recovery and the magic changes to SELF that it brings.
   Out Of The Darkness and Into The Light... Preview Go
My journal describing my life as an addict in recovery but yet sometimes in active addiction. My trials, tribulations, hopes and dreams and fears for today, tomorrow and beyond.

   Trying to Heal Preview Go
A Mormon woman's attempt to deal with her husband's pornography addiction, and hopefully heal.
   Recovery Ruminations Preview Go
My name is Phil and I'm an alcoholic. This blog documents my journey on the "road of happy destiny," the ups and downs of building a new way of life for myself, and hopefully some miracles along the way.
   Up From Down Preview Go
Welcome to the "Up from Down" website. "Up From Down" is an addiction memoir that chronicles one man's recovery from a 14 year addiction to a variety of different drugs. Most importantly, it shows not only what caused the addiction but also what the solution is.
   Let It Begin With Me Preview 2 review(s) — Go
An inspirational collection of thoughts, poems, and quotations for family and friends who love someone with a chemical addiction.
   Serious Sobriety Preview Go
All Programs welcome. Straight from the hip talk about those who take thier sobriety serious.
   Geisha, Interrupted Preview Go
When a Tokyo Bar Hostess Gets Sober.
   The Self-Medication Hypothesis of Addiction Preview Go
Presents both the psychoanalytic and behavioral versions of the self-medication hypothesis of the etiology of addictions and its implications for prevention, harm reduction, and treatment.

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