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Atari 8-bit & Beyond Computer Webring - The Atari 8-bit & Beyond Computer WebRing, dealing with anything relating to the Atari 8-bit range of computers, ranging

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Atari 8-bit & Beyond Computer Webring

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Manager: thecybermall
The Atari 8-bit & Beyond Computer WebRing, dealing with anything relating to the Atari 8-bit range of computers, ranging from the Atari 400 to the 130XE and Jaguar and anything in between, including the emulation of these computers, consoles and peripherals.

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   PVBest's Atari 8bits Web Site Preview Go
Atari Rom File Designer : The Software you need to edit/disassemble/creat e your own Atari 8bit Rom files on your PC from an Atari disk drive. Also on my pages: My Atari softwares, other PC utilities for your Rom creation/edition, MS-DOS & Windows C ++ programming stuff, and some references and doc about Atari 6502 coding, Atari OS, C++ PC coding. Lots of links
   The Digital A.N.A.L.O.G. Archive and CyberRoach Magazin Preview Go
This website contains the Digital A.N.A.L.O.G. Magazine (Atari 8Bit Mag from the early 80ies) Archive as well as all copies of CyberRoach Magazine (classic videogame web-magazine).
   Vent Man's Atari Page Preview Go
Atari related info and links

   Raf's Atari 8-bit page Preview 1 review(s) — Go
Over 300 links to all things Atari 8-bit both for emulators and the real thing, also Ramdrive 1.0 ramdisk and a8jdpeg jpeg viewer available for downloading
   My Atari 800 XL - Site Preview Go
The site ist complete in German. You will find there something about my first computer, some links, books and games reviews.
   Mathy's first Homepage Preview 1 review(s) — Go
Atari 8 bit site, with information on the BlackBox, FloppyBoard, ASPI, etc. Download my CD Audio Player if you want to play audio CD's using your 8 bit Atari. There's also a bunch of doc's and routines I collected over the years that I believe are interesting but not common on the net. All Atari 8 bit ofcourse. I might add a Truck/Diesel/Gearhead page in the future.
   Atari Computer Graphics Images Preview Go
A gallery of images made on the Atari 800XL Computer inspired by scifi video games. Page two illustrates the home-made scifi video games made on the Atari 800XL.
   Atari 8-bit Cross-Platform development tools Preview Go
This is the home of ATasm (a MAC/65 compatible cross-platform 6502 macro assembler) and EnvisionPC (a character set and map editor).
   A-Train Systems - Model Railroad Electronics & Control Preview Go
Presenting A-Track - your DCC Buddy - a powerful extension to complement the facilities of your NCE DCC system, designed for ease of use, and complying with the NMRA's Digital Command Control standards. Although originally developed on an Atari XL/XE machine, A-Track is now an application running on a Windows computer, but is still designed to meet the requirements of model railroaders, rather than computer experts. A range of supporting projects, including an automatic railroad crossing controller is also featured.
   Steve's History of Atari Computers Preview Go
Photo galleries of the complete line From 400 to XEGS and ST to Falcon Plus the consoles too... All original screenshots. Lots of hardware images

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