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What's a WebRing?

A ring is a collection of sites that share a common topic. For example, there are many dog rings. Some of them allow any site that has anything to do with dogs. Several are breed-specific and only allow sites about that breed. Some allow commercial sites like breeders or pet supply stores, while others only permit personal pages dedicated to one's pet.

Each site in a ring has a NavBar – a piece of code that links the site to every other site in the ring. The NavBar has 3 important links: previous, Next, and Sites.

The "Next" and "Previous" links exemplify what it means for a site to belong to a ring. Clicking on the "Next" or "Previous" links takes you from one site to the next/previous site listed in the ring. If you keep clicking through the sites, you'll eventually end up back where you started and will have visited every site in the ring.

The "Sites" link takes you to the ring's hub page. This page has a description of the ring and provides more comprehensive access to the ring – you can apply to join the ring, contact the user who manages the ring, see a list of all the sites in the ring, add your voice to the ring's forum, rate and comment on each site, and so on.

Here's an example of a NavBar:

Navigation by WebRing.

Most rings are managed by WebRing members. Ring Managers establish the join criteria, decide which applicants are approved for membership in the ring, determine the order of their members' sites, and much more. A good manager keeps the quality of the available content available as high as possible.

How Do I Add My Site or Blog to a Ring?

It's pretty simple really. Click the Signup link at the top of the screen to create your account. Once created you can submit your site by visiting a ring related to the topic of your site. The WebRing system will assign you a snippet of code to add to your site. Once it's in place you should be active in the ring quickly.

We have both a vertical and horizontal display format so fitting the navbar into columns (popular on blogs) is easy!

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