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WebRing Newsletter
November 2006

Making WebRing Better for YOU!

WebRing is conducting a survey among ring managers, members, and non-member users to get your impressions of the recent changes to the WebRing site. If you have not already done so, please take a moment to fill out this questionnaire http://dir.webring.com/h/survey and let us know what you think. Your feedback is important to the whole WebRing community. Everyone is encouraged to take the survey, even if you aren't a member. We appreciate you taking time to fill it out!

Thank You!

To all of you who signed up in October as Level 2 Members, we thank you for helping with our contribution to Breast Cancer Awareness and Research. We had a total of 195 Level II signups through October. A donation of $200 was sent to The Susan G. Komen Foundation http://www.komen.org on behalf of WebRing members.

Help Fight Hunger
For the Month of November, WebRing will donate $1.00 to the Children's Hunger Fund http://www.childrenshungerfund.org/aboutus.php for each new Level 2 Membership. Get the great benefits of a Premium Membership and help hungry children worldwide at the same time.

Member and Ring Management Tools
These are being enhanced as part of our on-going site redesign. Please check out the newest ways to make the most of your rings and sites. And remember to send your ideas, feedback and input to us at feedback@webring.com - Thanks!

"Know what's weird? Day by day, nothing seems to change, but pretty soon...everything's different." - Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes

The Webring Team

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