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WebRing Newsletter
October 18, 2006

Hello WebRingers!

Thank you all for your patience with our redesign and for all the great comments about the site. We certainly couldn't do any of it without you. Together, with our WebRing community, we are dedicated to making a better WebRing system.

Site Redesign The site redesign centers around creating more opportunities for you to monetize your sites and rings, and increase traffic to your site. We are simplifying and streamlining our processes and creating new ways to promote your rings and sites.

Questions??? Some of our activity has created questions and confusion. We want to clarify things as quickly and efficiently as possible. Try these things:

Check Out These Features!
  • My Account Page
    • Your member tools are now across the top of the page.
    • There is an Affiliate Credits report for you to track earnings.
    • We've add site statistics for each of your URLs!
  • Become an Affiliate! Everyone is doing it!
  • Member Policy Page.
Do you STILL have questions?????? We are here to help! If you have questions that are still unanswered, please contact Help/Support.

All of us here at WebRing are working hard to make things work better for YOU! Thank you for your patience, and above all, thank you for your participation!

The WebRing Team

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