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August 16, 2006

Hello WebRingers!

Keeping true to our word to communicate with our members more often, here is an update of the goings-on at WebRing:

New Look

We are working really hard to get all of the content and visuals for the new WebRing look solidified, and all of the pieces of this giant puzzle to fit together and function properly.

Please bear with us if it appears that we aren't addressing your needs or concerns as quickly as we have in the past. We are doing our best to keep up and to create a new interface that will be easier to use and much more pleasing to look at.

Remember, your ring manager is always a great resource for ring-specific questions and help (navbar size and color, site activations or suspensions, etc). Feel free to contact WebRing Support if you don't get the help you need from your manager.

While the system is undergoing this update, all functionality and features will still be in place, and we anticipate very few immediate changes. Again, when we do initiate any major changes, you'll be the first to know.


The WebRing Team plans to 'soft' launch the site redesign to members and users. You'll receive notification of the dates once we get those nailed down. We encourage you to use the forums to convey your feedback on the site redesign. Your input is necessary and so very useful!

To that end, thanks and ever thanks for your ongoing support of WebRing and for your enthusiastic membership. We appreciate you!

The WebRing Team

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