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21, September, 2004

Fall is Here

The equinox is upon us and we're slowly recovering from the dog days of Summer. We've spent the last few months on infrastructure work mostly: upgrading and replacing servers, reviewing and improving software and streamlining communications.

We've revised a number of system emails to (hopefully) provide more clear and accurate information.

We've introduced a new forum which we're using to "pre-announce" proposed changes. this is to let members know what's coming and to give members a chance to provide feedback - we're hoping you'll help shape the system to better serve your needs. Look for the new forum (Proposed Enhancements) on the front page of the system.

We corrected a significant error in the way site stats were accumulated which greatly overstated the traffic FROM sites to WebRing. We're working on a revision to this stat to try to gather better information when a user clicks on "list" rather than next, previous, etc. Currently we don't credit sites for this.

We've made a number of changes to the system code checker to reduce the number of times we acess a given URL - we're trying to limit the bandwidth you're paying for by doing so. In addition we continue to enhance the checker to search more accurately for code on pages.

WebRing is a Community supported system

WebRing is best supported by you, the community. Many that have pitched in have found that the promotional credit they receive can be put to very good use by either featuring the ring in the directory and/or requesting to have their site(s) featured on ring Hub pages. The results are almost always noticeable right away in increased traffic to the ring or site. It's a win-win for us all: Increased visibility for your ring or site and support for WebRing.

If you value WebRing and feel you can benefit from an even better system, then we seek your support. Thanks to the 4600+ contributing members WebRing is growing stronger every day! We still offer the best service and support whether you contribute or not. Interested in supporting WebRing? Use

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