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WebRing News
15, July, 2003

Features are continually being added. Recent noteworthy events:

  • Account credits/charges summary and detail reports are available for those interested. The links can be found on a member's "My rings" page. A relic name left over from the Yahoo! days. Perhaps a better title can be worked on.
  • We have established an account with a new credit card processing company, Authorize.net. Everything we've heard about them has been positive, so we'll hope for the best on this one.

WebRing Funding Survey

Quantitative results of the survey (which is still in progress) are available off of the WebRing Forum; Look under the current poll on that page. Comments welcomed.

There is still time to take the survey here.

Old, but still current, News

WebRing Mousepads

We have an "official" WebRing mousepad! We had it designed by our logo design contest winner. We had a small batch made to see how they looked, and they look pretty good.

For those interested we're planning on another batch in the near future. If you want to get one you can email to marketing@webring-inc.com and let us know how many you want to reserve. The cost will depend on how many, of course, but it will be between $10 and $15. A little spendy perhaps but these are very good quality 1/4in rubber backed pads, 7in x 9in in size.

To date, only a dozen or so people have expressed an interest in a WebRing mousepad. Unless there is a tremendous surge in interest we'll happily scrap the whole idea for now.

Click here for a scanned image of the pad. The scan isn't perfect but it does give you a good feel for how the the artwork fits the mousepad.

WebRing is a Community supported system

WebRing is best supported by you, the community. Many that have pitched in have found that the promotional credit they receive can be put to very good use by either featuring the ring in the directory and/or requesting to have their site(s) featured on ring Hub pgaes. The results are almost always noticeable right away in increased traffic to the ring or site. It's a win-win for us all: Increased visibility for your ring or site and support for WebRing.

If you value WebRing and feel you can benefit from an even better system, then we seek your support. Thanks to the 4000+ contributing members WebRing is treading water! We still offer the best service and support whether you contribute or not. Interested in supporting WebRing? Use

Visa/MasterCard/American Express/Discover
or use the link below to contribute using PayPal.
 OR, if you prefer you can send a check or money order to:
WebRing Inc.
1257 Siskiyou Blvd, #1153
Ashland, OR 97520

The WebRing Team

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