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20, December, 2002

Happy Holidays!

The WebRing team would like to wish everyone a very happy holiday season! We hope 2002 has been a good year for you and that 2003 is better still. 2002 was a struggle at WebRing, making the break from Yahoo and trying to survive on our own. As we prepare to enter 2003 we're are feeling positive about the future. With a community like ours how can we not?


We are very pleased to announce a major new feature release: WebRing Forums. You may be familiar with Yahoo! Clubs, Yahoo! Groups, and numerous other services that give users the ability to post comments to a group. Well, we've felt for years now that a great addition to the WebRing community would be a similar service. We've developed Forums to complement website based rings with the ability to communicate quickly, and directly, with anyone interested in the topic of a particular ring.

Now you can not only share your website with others by joining rings, you can share your thoughts, suggestions, questions and concerns through Forums. So whether you are ring manager, ring member, or just an interested individual (with or without a website) you can be a more intimate participant in the community.

Here are just some uses for Forums:

  • Communicate more quickly and directly with everyone interested in a topic.
  • Build a larger community and give your members a one-stop place to be.
  • Discuss and rate the various sites in a ring.
  • Discuss current events regarding the topic.
  • Give users a venue when they are looking for specific information.
  • Coordinate updates and changes.
  • Decide on projects
  • and more
Forums are being officially released on Decmeber 20, 2002. Check with your favorite rings and see if the ring manager has established a Forum yet. If so, jump right in! If not, contact them if you think a Forum would be a good enhancement. Perhaps they'll ask you to be a helper!

There are several Forums already in operation:

ring managers can activate a Forum in their ring(s) by using the Global Settings screen to activate the Forum.

Other Enhancements

We've been doing a lot to prepare for forums, so other "visible" enhancements are limited. We've altered the directory somewhat, however, to give greater exposure to featured rings.

We've got a number of things on the agenda for early 2003 and we've also had a good many suggestions from members that we'll be taking a close look at as well. Some not so visible work has been going for some time to increase the redundancy of our services. A wish list (unfortunately expensive) item for 2003 is to setup a co-location to reduce downtime during power outages, etc.

WebRing is a Community supported system

If you value WebRing and feel you can benefit from an even better system, then we seek your support. Thanks to the 3000+ contributing members WebRing is nearly above water! We still offer the best service and support whether you contribute or not. Interested in supporting WebRing? Use

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 OR, if you prefer you can send a check or money order to:
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The WebRing Team

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