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4, September, 2002

New features

We launched several new features the past couple weeks. Here's a list:
  • Navigation Code Wizard - Various links in places where members edit site information lead to this "intelligent" page. It analyzes your web page to determine what navigation code, if any, is present and what it's condition is. It is sort of a central place for getting navigation code, checking it, debugging problems, etc.
  • Sort sites by ring title on View ring sites pages - It made more sense to sort by ring title rather than site title which tends to be the same for a given URL.
  • Some alterations to the Single Navbar feature. You can review this on the U# edit page if you're interested. We still strongly encourage the use of the Single Navbar feature, and it is the default, but for those that wish to create "full" stacks in certain situations the ability is there.
  • We now do a test of new submissions immediately upom joining a ring. The resulting page gives useful information on what kind of navigation code is presently on the page, if any, and has links to the Navigation Code Wizard to assist new members in getting code that works as quickly and easily as possible
  • We've added pass/fail indicators to the View ring sites pages to allow members to view at a glance the staus of all their memberships. As your sites are crawled, either manually or by the system, those values are updated. If no value shows at present, don't worry, one will the next time it is tested.

Logo contest prizes

We've been delayed, mostly due to work on new features taking more time than we had. We will be getting to them asap. Sorry for the delay!

Recent Events-8/16

There were a LOT of features announced on the previous status page(s). Read it using the link at the bottom of this page. The announcement included an email alert. This one, as an intermediate release, will not.

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The WebRing Team

The prior status page can be viewed here.

PS - For those that have contributed to WebRing, Thank You! We've updated your accounts. If you check and feel there are errors - please contact us!

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