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WebRing News
16, August, 2002

New features

We launched several new features the past couple weeks. Here's a list:
  • WebRing alert system - By request we've added a field to the Account Settings screen to allow you to choose whether WebRing alerts should also be emailed to you. If you log in infrequently this might be useful. If you have multiple accounts be SURE to turn the notification off on all but one account. We'll try to keep the duplicate emails to a minimum, but...
  • Sort links on My rings pages - We've added various sort options for both ring and site listings. For those sith more than a few entries this can be handy.
  • Join Instruction alterations - We've refined/corrected some of the inconsistencies left over from the Yahoo days regarding how the Join This ring button and Join link on the navigation code work. Check your Join Instructions page if you are a ring manager. In short, the instructions for adding a "final" join link to your homepage have been included on that page. If you use the built in WebRing join instructions you are not affected. We did, however, increase the size of that field to 4500 characters, and it DOES allow you to enter HTML in that area.
  • Ring HomePage - the "old" system allowed for a ring HomePage apart from a site in the ring. We've returned that feature and included a place to enter the URL on the Global Settings page. Be advise that this OVERRIDES the ring manager site for the Home navigation function. You can still have a ring manager's site however, and the link will still be included on the hub page. A HoemPage link, other than the Home navigation command will be added to the hub page soon as well. It's waiting on some other new features coming soon.
  • Old 'Add' forms - Many rings had add forms on their HoemPages, or elsewhere. We've tried to make sure these will still work. They will route through the existing join pages so that we can comply with FCC regulations on privacy notfications, however.
  • P3P support - Speaking of privacy, we've added P3P compliance to the site. Now IE6 users who should have an easier time using WebRing, especially SSNB.
  • Some alterations to the Single Navbar feature. You can review this on the U# edit page if you're interested. We still strongly encourage the use of the Single Navbar feature, and it is the default, but for those that wish to create "full" stacks for things like secondary links pages the ability is there.
  • Invalid Navbars - We've added a link and an "Intelligent" page to those navbars. The page will very often discover for you what the problem is and tell you how to fix it. In some cases the system can make the correction for you. If you have any of yours, try the link.

Recent Events-8/1

There were a LOT of features announced on the previous status page. Read it using the link at the bottom of this page.

Upcoming enhancements

Some things on the front and back burner:
  • Navigation code wizard - Is still lurking out there. The programmer working on it has a day job so it is moving slowly. We have enhanced the assist page you reach when you click on the 'Get Assistance' link on an invalid navbar. That's the first step.
  • Forums - community spots to exchange information in a more temporal way than through web pages. Stay tuned.

WebRing is a Community supported system

If you value WebRing and feel you can benefit from an even better system, then we seek your support. If this does not appeal to you then you may ignore this request. We'll still offer the best service and support whether you contribute or not. Interested in supporting WebRing? Use

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The WebRing Team

The prior status page can be viewed here.

PS - For those that have contributed to WebRing, Thank You! We've updated your accounts. If you check and feel there are errors - please contact us!

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