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Yaoi Lover - This web ring is meant for all YAOI, Shounen Ai, Shota and YURI pages. It doesn't matter what languages your page is in,

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Yaoi Lover

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This web ring is meant for all YAOI, Shounen Ai, Shota and YURI pages. It doesn't matter what languages your page is in, all are equally welcome here. Feel free to browse around or even join. As long as your page has that sort of content and doesn't clash with the rules, you'll be accepted. No fully hentai sites!! (A section is okay). Remember to put the code up before or immediatly after you join!


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   Ashray's Corner Preview Go
A small site with my FanFictions; Humor, Yaoi and Insanity, with some Romance and Fluff, but most important: SLASH! This is a warning, there is Boy on Boy, in various ratings! For now with Saiyuki, Yugioh, Harry Potter, Final Fantasy 7, Sherlock Holmes (the RDJ!Movie) and Grimm,
   Airashii Mahou Gakkou Preview Go
Rp has never been this much fun! A school for magical girls, magical boys, and magical villains. Yaoi and yuri both welcome. Join and start training today!
   Scar Tissue Preview Go
My site devoted to my fanarts, fics, doujinshis and so much more. Include YST, Saint Seiya, YGO, Beyblade, FF7, KH2 and more.

   bishounen ai Preview Go
original yaoi / shounen ai online manga SHOWBOYS; image shrine to seiyuu akira ishida (pics of all his characters); image shrine to boys love game apocripha/0; image gallery of winged bishounen.
   Yaoi Source Preview Go
Yaoi reviews, commentary, and announcements!
   muranururu - Spicy Heaven! - Yaoi mangas Preview Go
Welcome to my spicy heaven! a place where boys, attraction, and yaoi mix. Will post reviews and share mangas I adore. Feel free to roam around and see
   Silver Eternity Preview Go
Shounen-ai/Yaoi fanfiction and Recs for various animes =^.^= Enjoy!
   Y-A-O-I Preview Go
Yaoi and Shounen-ai growing database. Numerous titles with full sinopsis and details.
   Rose's grave Preview Go
A Utena based website including Ohotori Academy yearbook spreads and two fanfic sections(containing yaoi, soon to be expanding from Utena). Future projects include: reviews, fanart, and contests.
   Darkside publishings present, Gundam Wing! Preview Go
Yaoi fan fiction at it's best. (I hope) Now if I could only finish half of it...

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