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Xenite Webring - Xena and other fantasy/sci-fi/horror TV shows... For example, Xena, Hercules, X-Files, Tarzan...

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Xenite Webring

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Manager: ofearna
Xena and other fantasy/sci-fi/horror TV shows... For example, Xena, Hercules, X-Files, Tarzan...

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   Tales From The Darkside - The Unofficial Homepage Preview Go
Step into the darkside of 80's television, a comprehensive guide to the 80's horror anthology series Tales From the Darkside.
   Fantasy-tic Television shows: The Pretender Preview Go
Jarod & Miss Parker & Mr Lyle, Oh My! Mr. Parker & Broots & Sydney, Oh My!
   Sliders Rule! Preview Go
I like Sliders. A lot. I've been a fan of Jerry O'Connel since I saw some promise in him in Stand By Me... Also, I like John Rhys-Davies. I'm in the group of Maggie-haters; it isn't that I don't like the character -- she has some promise if they'd just stop having her be so bitchy! -- I don't like Kari Wuhrer. I don't like that they 'lost' one of my fav-four and replaced him with HER.

   Earth2: Eden Project Preview Go
A very good show for the season it was on. It had its misses, but for the most part it was a VERY good show. Now if we could only get those Nozzles to keep good shows...
   Babylon 5: for those who've learned the Mantra Preview Go
I watched the movie/premier of this and absoultely HATED IT. Amy and I (and David and I and Dan and I and Terri and I) watched the occastional season 1 ep and HATED IT. But then, we saw the season 2 premier and realized we could maybe get to like it. Oh, and then they introduced a cute guy, but I was already watching so, nyeah!
   Buffy the Vampire Slayer: quicksite Preview Go
When Giles left, I cried (eveh tho he came back!). When Joyce died I bawled like a baby. When Angel left, I was consoled by the fact that he was getting his own show!
   Fantasy-tic Television Shows Preview Go
The X-Files, Pretender, Buffy, Sliders, Highlander, Forever Knight, Quantum Leap, Earth 2, Babylon 5, Alien Nation, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Eerie Indiana, The Sentinel, Freaks & Geeks, Human Target, Matrix with Nick Manucso, Greatest American Hero, Mann & Machine, Max Headroom, Phoenix?, SeaQuest DSV, Starman, Strange Luck, Twilight Zone, Two, Now & Again, Angel
   Moonshadow's Webrings Preview Go
Here is the site where my webrings "live". If you have an appropriate page (don't even have to have an entire site devoted) please join!
   A Charmed Life Preview Go
My fansite dedicated to the wonderfully witchy show Charmed. I loved the Piper/Leo romance; preferred Andy for Prue; thought maybe for Phoebe/Cole and want to see lots more of both Chris and his beaux and Paige and Richard.
   Your Guide to Ancient Greece Preview Go
Alliance of Heroes lets you be the hero in the land of Ancient Greece. Where you can fight mythical monsters, debate with Gods of every culture and interact with friends from around the world in an environment of your creation.

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