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The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Ring - We right wing non fence stradling conservatives ARE the vast right wing conspiracy. We take no prisoners! Don't believe

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The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Ring

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We right wing non fence stradling conservatives ARE the vast right wing conspiracy. We take no prisoners! Don't believe me? Visit our websites and see for yourself!


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The New Federalist believes that the Federal Government is taking away our rights, our property, and our wealth and that the United States is now two countries. One side is socialist and government while the other side believes in capitalism and the republic that the founding fathers gave us. Socialism and republican self-government cannot exist in the same place and time and sooner or later the issue will have to be decided. The only alternative to revolution is a peaceful secession dividing the United States with each side going its own way. This website represents my blueprint for peaceful secession, a new Constitution for seceding States based on the best of the United States and Confederate Constitutions, and other clauses collected from the internet and outside research. I fear that unless we return to the Republic that the Founding Fathers gave us or freedom
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This is the site of the True Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, that is made up of Christians who refuse to sit on the fence any longer and let the lies we have been taught take total control.
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Current Events, Satire, Humor, Politics, Tears and Fears. A slice of life through an Army helicopter pilots eyes. Sit down, Strap in and Shut the Hell Up.

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Classic American homes, 60 full sets of House Plans on one a single CD disk. Perfect for you retreat these homes will blend in the country.
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Comment on culture, society and politics from a conservative Catholic.
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Political and social commentary from a conservative young woman living in a bright blue state and attending a very liberal college.
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Marietta Pennsylvania Militia, Lancaster County PA, Preserving, Protecting, and Defending Marietta Pa. Enforcing the laws of the Union (the Constitution). Suppressing insurrections and Repeling invasions. Protection of the Rights of the Citizens to Protect themselves, Family, Community and Country.
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Bashing the Loony Left Moonbat Brigade, the Mass Media Podpeople's Army, Fake Republican't "Conservatives" (in name only), Phony Liberal Demoncrats (who wouldn't know the truth if it bit 'em)-and equal opportunity classic conservative curmudgeon.
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This site is a treatise advocating a laissez faire market economy and individual rights. It details the true and secret history of America, which includes the fraud of the Federal Reserve System.

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