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Victorian Adventure Games and More! - A collection of Victorian Adventure Gaming sites as well as other adventure and wargaming sites.

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Victorian Adventure Games and More!

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A collection of Victorian Adventure Gaming sites as well as other adventure and wargaming sites.


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   The War of the Worlds: the RPG Preview Go
A Roleplaying Setting based on the collected works of Herbert George Wells. Visit Mars, the Moon, or the Depths of the Ocean. Travel in Land Ironclads, Airships and Cavorite Spheres. Contains various resources, descriptions and adventure storylines.
   Sam T.G.'s Space:1889 Page Preview Go
A Page devoted to my campaign resources. Includes character creation summary, a pretty complete timeline of the official Space:1889 universe, lots of equipment lists and weapon lists from other sites compiled here for your convenience.
   Victorian Villains Preview Go
Rules for card game of Heroic Victorian Adventure.

   Thyria Steamfantasy Preview Go
Victorian Flair, Technology, Magic, Gods and Ghosts all real in an imaginary Steampunk World. Unfortunately, at this time, in both German and English! in GERMAN.
   Forgotten Futures - New Site Preview Go
Forgotten Futures, the Scientific Romance Role Playing Game. New site - links to the old site will stop working eventually!
   Compagnie de Valorisation des Jardins de Palentia Preview Go
Corporate web site of a joint Swiss-Hesperian company devoted to building modern facilities in the Palentian Gardens District of the Hesperian Empire.
   Jims 1889 page's Preview Go
Earthly and Martian Weapons variants, rules and statistics for some oddities. A complete tour of the barque rigged privateer kite, the "Beagle".
   Ęther Traveller Times Preview Go
Welcome to the Ęther Traveller Times, an on-line magazine devoted to role-playing and wargames. The articles and links below will periodically be updated
   Mateen's 3D graphics Site Preview Go
Rendered 3d graphics images of Steampunk (Space 1889 and other), Star Trek, Babylon 5, Blakes 7, Dr Who, Star Wars and many other TV, film and new subjects

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