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Alternative Energy  - Alternative energy and energy conservation. Including solar, wind, human, water, and thermal power.

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Alternative Energy 

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Alternative energy and energy conservation. Including solar, wind, human, water, and thermal power.


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   बिजली चोë Preview Go
power is key for development, let us save power
   Nuclear Energy Can Save US Preview Go
Describes the global warming and end of cheap oil crisis that may destroy the world economy and civilization itself, this century, if we do not find clean energy to replace fossil fuels. I am not hostile to renewables, but I fear that unless nuclear enrgy is used as the baseload the world may not make it. I'll be gone before the real trouble starts.
   160 ways,tips & technologies to get better gas mileage Preview Go
If you're looking for a good overall foundation in different ways that ANYONE can save money and get better gas mileage, then this is the place to start. Over 100 pages of detailed info on some amazingly easy ways to trim your gas usage, ideas to implement, and info on different technologies now available to squeeze every single mile out of a gallon of gasoline. It's the MOST comprehensive listing of this kind ANYWHERE on the net. Over 160 tips, tricks, tweaks, mods, and technologies to help anyone get better gas mileage, in your car, truck, RV, ATV, whatever.

   Free Microreactor Preview Go
Now a Open Source
   Solar Battery Chargers Preview Go
Solar Battery Chargers for your Car, Auto, Motorcycle, 12 volt, 6 volt, and more, RV, Cell Phone and Boat Solar Battery Chargers, Solar Chargers for Small Batteries, AA-AAA, D, C.
   Wind Generators Preview Go
On this page you will find wind generators and turbines for sale, Including Bergery Kestrel brands. Also find books to build your own wind generator for your home, home made, best, DIY, how to plans, make a wind generator, homemade, kits, marine, small, used, homebuilt, residential wind generator.

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