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Comic Stripper's Ring - Webcomics and webcomix! Every site in this ring is the home of a continuing original comic published on the web. Simply

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Comic Stripper's Ring

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Webcomics and webcomix! Every site in this ring is the home of a continuing original comic published on the web. Simply put this is a ring of some of the finest comic strippin' the web has to offer!

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   dead//life - the online comic Preview Go
A surreal comic about a pseudo-afterlife dimension. With killbots. And zombies! A unique necro-techno combination.
   Star Crossed Preview Go
The Corbett Feature site is home to 4 Comic Strips, all updated weekly: Rafferty, Misfits, Star Crossed and Writer's Block (a caption writing contest)
   Chamber of the Arcanum Preview Go
It is a fantasy comic that is loosely about philosophy. It features real pictures and a disturbing amount of software effects to create a drawn feel. Sadly I think it would be less work to just draw it. The main character, "Jim Towers" is played by me and represents some sort of mental condition as the majority of the humour in the comic is the character played by me, calling out snarky remarks to me... the author/narrator. Hope you enjoy. Updates are every Friday for now.

   Spungifeel Comics Preview Go
Eccentric comics, weird daily cartoons, and sunshiny sundries of absurdist mirth. Site includes Somedaze, a fresh cartoon that blends eccentric thoughts with weird scribblings, and Salamander Bits, a comic that mixes a unique portrait with a different quote each day
   Shadow Walker: Between Dreams And Shadows Preview Go
A webcomic set in the future where the Shadow Walkers and Dream Sorcerers must protect the boundries of the Shadow Plane against the dark creatures of nightmares.
   Stripped Again - a comic strip by Morten B. Helland Preview Go
A humorous, slightly twisted comic strip into the lives of some college students and friends, struggling to survive, including with the opposite sex. (Or rather, struggling to *get* sex!)
   Darby and Pete Preview Go
Two young dudes who are out to have fun.
   The Moonbugs Preview Go
A comic strip about strange little bugs who live on the moon. Humour with an SF twist.
   Negative One Preview Go
Discussing the everyday issues of being extraordinary. Meri Lin is expecting her first child, while the prophet-in-training Adele relates the issues of her last year of study. Character-oriented drama.
   MINGtokyo Preview Go
MINGtokyo. 4 students, an anime Tokyo, a pokemon suit, a scythe and a regularly updated A4 spread twice a week!

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