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Fantasy & Vampire Creatures and RPGs - All fantasy, RPG, and Vampire related game sites.  You'll find things from Dungeons and Dragons to Buffy the Vampir

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Fantasy & Vampire Creatures and RPGs

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All fantasy, RPG, and Vampire related game sites.  You'll find things from Dungeons and Dragons to Buffy the Vampire.


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   The Known World-An AD&D Campaign Setting Preview Go
This site is dedicated to the Known World, a world packed full of prestige classes, maps, adventures, races and fantasy fiction.
   Myst Isle of the Damned Preview Go
Welcome to the home of The new breed of Vampire, the Toshannian's. They are lead by their founder and ancient Vamperess Toshanna, only daughter of Dracula and Mina Harker. Read her story of her tragic begining and met some of the main C's of the story line, then Come RP with us in an on line chat room. This is a free form Vampire RP in real time on line.
   Lost Realms of Sunnydale RPG Preview Go
A Buffy/Angel RPG which is set post-Dead End (Angel Season 2), post-Dracula (BtVS Season 5) and void of the Glory & Ben storyline. Still with it? More info on the site with Character Bios, Gallery, Live RPG chatroom, Fan Fic, Message Board and more...

   The World of Mysteria Preview Go
Dice based and campaign hosted RPG partly based on AD&D 3rd edition. An entire world of imagination at your disposal. Played live in chat rooms on http://www.fantasycafe.net
   Rage across Oklahoma Preview Go
This page tells the story of my Werewolf the Apocalypse Game set in Sulphur Oklahoma and have info on Werewolf the Apocalypse and Character Sheets and the Werewolf font
   Vampire Myst Preview Go
Vampire the Masquerade Role Playing channel, located on irc.dal.net we also feature a Call of Cthulhu channel.
   Harvest Moon RPG Forum Preview Go
Harvest Moon RPG Forum, pick a character and have fun in the Harvest Moon Village.
   Virtual Fantasy Creations Preview Go
This site is an overview of the Champions universe created by my friends and I. Here you will find Character Write-ups, Histories, Artwork and much more.
   Harvest Moon: The Four Seasons Preview Go
This site shows you how to get the most out of your game. You can get info on the local women, get all the power berry locations, get tips, and take a sneak peek at some of the spoilers.
   Legend of Crimson - Online Horror RPG Preview Go
Choose between the living and the dead as you progress deeper into the blackened heart of Boromine. Whether sucking the souls of the living or collecting those of the undead your sure to enjoy this blood soaked adventure. Play for free today!

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