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One-of-a-Kind & Artist Dolls Webring - Welcome to the One-of-a-kind & Artist Dolls WebRing designed for those who want to buy, sell, trade or show off one-of-a

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One-of-a-Kind & Artist Dolls Webring

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Welcome to the One-of-a-kind & Artist Dolls WebRing designed for those who want to buy, sell, trade or show off one-of-a-kind, artist or remade dolls. Whether they're porcelain or vinyl, paper mache, clay or cloth, join this webring to increase traffic on your website.

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   Artist Dolls by Teresa Churcher Preview Go
Artist designed and crafted cloth, polymerclay and paperclay dolls.
   Handcrafted Dolls by Lu Preview Go
New Handmade One-of-a-kind cloth dolls (OOAK)! Hand-embroidered faces! Raggedy Ann & Andy dolls, & other cloth dolls; baby dolls, girl dolls, boy dolls, & animal dolls, and matching doll and quilt sets. All dolls and quilts are completely handmade by Lu!! Custom Orders Available!!
   Giggles n Burps- One of a Kind Sculpted Babies!! Preview Go
Come visit my website of OOAK Sculpted Babies! They're adorably crafted with extraordinary detail and lifelike coloring, each baby has a ceramic-like finish and comes with their very own Birth Certificate and Certificate of Authenticity (COA).

   Bonnihalls ALteReD DoLLs Preview Go
Cast aside and neglected thriftstore rescues recieve new lives, new identities. The hobby of hair styling, painting a "soul" in the eyes, make-up artistry...all on a miniature scale.
   Evil Cherries OOAK Creations Preview Go
Where Halloween Never Ends! Our Repaint, Reroot dolls are inspired by Gothic and Vampire images, along with Witches, Banshees and everything that goes bump in the night. We even have Fantasy and Historical dolls. We use Barbie & Kens, Tonners, Obitsu's, Jakk's, Flavis and My Scene. We also use Berengers for our Reborns and 100 year old dolls! All costumes and fashions are designed in house.
   Reborn Adventures Preview Go
Enchanted Nursery opened in June 2005. I am the only artist in the nursery right now. I use this site to let people now what I have found, strategy wise, so on and soforth.
   Proudlittlepixie one of a kind fairies and dolls Preview Go
One-of-a-kind (OOAK) dolls and fairies all handmade and handpainted out of my own special mix of polymer clay. No molds are ever used or made with my dolls. These handsculpted creations are completely made with my own two hands and some tools. They are all created from my imagination with all the love and care I can put into them.
   Widdle Bundles of Joy: Creating Little Gifts of Life Preview Go
Creating Little Gifts of Life that Stay Little for Life! Come visit our Widdle Bundles of Joy website which displays our amazingly lifelike baby dolls. Your eyes won't believe how incredibly real each baby looks. Just browse through the nursery and see for yourself.
   Duncanville Books & Dolls Preview Go
Our store in Duncanville, Texas (a suburb of Dallas) is open seven days a week. We have thousands of used books (paperback AND hardback), and an entire section of the store is devoted to collectable dolls. We also have a huge selection of comic books - current issues AND the classic collectables (Avengers, Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, etc.).
   Magical Giggles One of a Kind Figurative Sculpture OOAK Preview Go
Magical one of a kind sculptures that capture the innocence and joy of a childs giggle. Realistic Figurative sculpture created in Polymer clay by mother/daughter doll artists Peggy Anne Hickey and Jennifer Hickey. Specializing in babies and other equally magical creatures. OOAK, Doll, sculpted, baby, fairy, mermaid, merbaby.

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