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RNA WebRing

Manager: jwschmidt
Biology > Molecular Biology
A science-based webring to link together molecular biology groups who work with, or are interested in RNA transcription, processing, editing and other aspects of RNA metabolism.

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   International Master M2 RNA Enzymes Sciences Preview Go
Lorraine University in Nancy, France offers an international teaching programme (in English) in the fields of RNA molecular biology and enzymology. The primary goal of the Masterís M2 programme is to provide a unique opportunity to study these molecular aspects of cellular metabolism with experts in the field.

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   Adamiak Laboratory Preview Go
The Laboratory's current aim is to understand the structure, function and interactions of RNA on atomic and molecular level. The idea is to combine, within the Laboratory, chemistry, molecular biology, structural and calculation lines of research in the RNA field. Our particular areas of interest include: (i) structure of retroviral RNAs, their interactions and accessibility in view of RNAi, (ii) NMR RNA structure (iii) RNA structural databases (RNA FRABASE) and RNA 3D structure prediction (RNAComposer) both in collaboration with J. Blazewicz's Bioinformatics Laboratory.
   Walter Lab Preview Go
Our group's goal is to understand the fundamental nature of catalysis by RNA enzymes (ribozymes). We study structure and function of small RNA catalysts with potential use in human gene therapy and as biosensors, as well as of large RNA-protein complexes, such as the ribosome, using fluorescence techniques in bulk solution, in live cells, and at the single-molecule level.

   Jean Beggs Lab Home Page Preview Go
We study pre-mRNA splicing in yeast. This occurs in an RNA-protein complex, the spliceosome, within which there are small ribonucleoprotein particles (snRNP), each composed of a small nuclear RNA (snRNA) and proteins. We investigate molecular interactions of these components.
   RNA Structure, Catalysis and the Origin of Life Preview Go
William Scott's research group that focuses on RNA Structure, Catalysis and the Origin of Life
   RNAdraw Preview 1 review(s) — Go
RNA Secondary structure prediction, analysis and visualization.
   Vienna RNA Package Preview 2 review(s) — Go
A free software package for RNA secondary structure analysis. Offers libraries and programs for calculation of minimum free energy structures, suboptimal structures, and base pair probabilities, structure comparison, and inverse folding (sequence design).
   Telomerase Database Preview Go
Telomerase database: online resource for telomerase ribonucleoprotein.
   Czech RNA Club Preview Go
The mission of the RNA Club is to join researches who work with or on RNA and to facilitate exchange of results and experiences among them. Main event of the RNA Club is an annual workshop, which is organized usually in the second half of September.
   Jeremy Brown lab Preview Go
The major focus of our laboratory is protein targeting to the endoplasmic reticulum and the cytosolic ribonucleoprotein signal recognition particle that catalyses this. A second theme is study of the intra-ribosomalself-cleaving activity of the 2A peptide of foot and mouth disease virus.

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