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The Positive Age on Earth - Whether your belief system is based in ancient African, a tolerant version of Judeo-Christianity, Islamic, New Age, Nati

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The Positive Age on Earth

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Manager: cushkamite
Whether your belief system is based in ancient African, a tolerant version of Judeo-Christianity, Islamic, New Age, Native American, Buddhism or Hindu. If you believe in a positive New Age to come to us on earth instead of the beliefs that is being shown today that is destroying us by indoctrinating with hateful religious and spiritual systems. If you believe in equality for both sexes and ALL ethnic groups, kindness to animals and helping the earth ... then this ring is here to promote your web page.

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   Eevolutionary Spirituality Preview Go
Short essay on Evolutionary Spirituality, with links to several free books based upon Evolutionary / Revolutionary Spirituality.
   Create the Future Preview Go
A place for constructive dialoging and collaborative exploration of options for positive society.
   Every Topic in the Universes Preview Go
Science, the unknown, and the human race... and how it might all be connected.

   wizanda - Oneness - True Faith Preview Go
Oneness Community online help in the real world with spiritual problems, music, web design and anything in life that people need help with freely given 24/7.
   Embracing Truth @ Timeless Ink Press Preview Go
A Man*Ifesto of Global*Luvolution, dedicated to spreading the message of L.O.V.E. to mankind - there by lifting Man*Kind into the Age of Compassion, raising the vibration of truth and ushering in the Age of Humanity. - Magic*Happens
   witchy kids Preview Go
Pagan activities and ideas for the whole family. Dedicated to making the paths of pagan children and pagan families fun.
   The Conscious Living Foundation Preview Go
The Conscious Living Foundation was created to encourage living with more awareness - to wake up to the joy and positive significance of each moment. Regardless of how you are able to interact with CLF, whether through our free e-books, quotations and affirmations, free downloads, prayer page, inspiring stories, newsletter, telecourses, email, videos, CDs or bulletin board; we encourage you to join us.
   Final Book of Daniel...An Ancient Angel Awakens Preview Go
True autobiographical account and gospel of a reincarnated, resurrected, angelified biblical prophet at the end of the days... Spirituality, biblical and contemporary prophecy, truth, new age, angels, prayer, paranormal, theosophy, miracles, Second Coming/Day of the Lord
   Mediumship, Mediums, Spirit Readings and Healing Preview Go
You can set up your own personal reading here. We all have an interest in what comes after this life. Do you know? Read through these few short pages, you may gain new insight and may decide to make contact with someone you know.

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