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Our Angels On Earth, Now Our Angels In Heaven - I want to tell you about murder. You think it cannot touch your life? Well, my friend.. Let me tell you, no one is safe

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Our Angels On Earth, Now Our Angels In Heaven

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Manager: wendynicole21
I want to tell you about murder. You think it cannot touch your life? Well, my friend.. Let me tell you, no one is safe from it! It can happen to you, it can happen to your family. It can happen to your friends. Murder does not care about the color of your skin. It does not care how much money you have in the bank. It does not care how much education you have. It does not care what religion you are. It does not care whether you are a bad person or good person. Murder will change your life forever. This ring is only for victims of murder. Family and friends that have lost loved ones to murder; we have to go through more than just the normal grief. A lot of us have even found our loved ones murdered. The need to understand the ifs and whys.. For us, there is not an answer.


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In memory of our loved ones that were murdered. Please send your loved ones information and I will be glad to add it to my web site.
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Her heart was pure, but evil touched her.. Murder crept into my life like a thief early one morning. Stealing something precious from me, my 21-year-old child.
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Please help bring JUSTICE to these VICTIMS and their Families!! Help put their murderer/s behind bars where they belong! If you know of a victim that has NOT received justice for their murder, and you want them added to the website, please send me their information and/or website.
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This site is a memorial to Nathaniel L. Robinson who was murdered senselessly on February 22, 2005.
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This is a memorial to my son Sheldon Sullivan who was brutely murdered at the age of 18, the outcome of the trail and the injustice we received.
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My beautiful Devon's life was ending by someone I thought I could trust...
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A Site about my son, how I have coped with his murder and life through this.

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