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The Mouse Ring - This ring is for breeders and owners of pet and companion mice, in particular, the more exotic breeds (Satin, Sphynx/hai

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The Mouse Ring

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Manager: suezqo2
This ring is for breeders and owners of pet and companion mice, in particular, the more exotic breeds (Satin, Sphynx/hairless, Rex, etc.).

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We specialize in banded and tan mice of all coat types and colors with other markings available from time to time. Health and temperament are very important to us and we spend a lot of time with our mice to make sure they are properly tamed when they go to their new homes.
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Fotos aller bekannter Rennmausfarben und die genetischen Grundlagen

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We are ANRA registered breeders of Mice & Rats in Brisbane, Qld, Australia. This is our homepage dedicated to our beloved pets. Lots of photos. We are currently developing a line of Sphynx mice. Paying special attention to health, as previous Sphynx lines have had some problems. Although we specialise in the Calico pattern, we breed these in Manx, Rex/Texel, Longhair & Shorthair.
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A friendly, fun website dedicated to rodents and other animals. small family breeder of mice and gerbils. owner of rats, multimammates, mice, gerbils, cats, firebellied toads & pacman frogs. mice bred include; texels in siamese, himmi, fawn, PEW and black tan, satin silver agouti's and various other satin colours, siamese and occasional astrex, longhair and reds.
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breeding mini rex rabbits, abyssinian, teddy and american satin cavies, and fancy mice in Oregon

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