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Military History - This ring is dedicated to military history, every era is covered. Here you can find information about tactics / strategi

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Military History

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This ring is dedicated to military history, every era is covered. Here you can find information about tactics / strategies, weapons, battles and historic figures.


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   Vietnam Troop Train and WW2 Troop Train Slide Show Preview Go
Story of Vietnam-era troop trains. The last major troop train to be used was in 1965 when 15,000 men and their equipment from the 1st Infantry Division (the Big Red One) rode the rails from Ft. Riley, Kansas, to Oakland, California on their way to Vietnam. Photos of a trip from Texas to New York City (World War II) as an armored division brings its equipment and troops to the port.
   FIND Illustrated Military History at MarkChurms.com Preview Go
Military History & Art for You to Enjoy Today! Military Prints of battles from Alexander the Great, Ancient Roman, English Medieval knights, Scottish Highlanders, Napoleonic Wars artillery & infantry, American Civil War, Wild West, Custer's 7th Cavalry, Zulus at Rorke's Drift, Light Brigade, British Indian Army, WWI soldiers, W.W. II & Persian Gulf War U.S. Navy battleships & more, Click Now!
   Off the Beaten Path - Explore and learn in the outdoors Preview Go
Outdoor, travel and history site by two retired Boomers. It combines geocaching, letterboxing, munzees, orienteering and related activities with history, travelogues, tips and commentary. Our quests include historical sites, forts, battlefields, ghost towns, parks, urban exploration and back country wilderness. We seek out little known places to explore, photograph and write about. The more challenging or remote they are, the better we like it. We hope to promote lifelong learning and curiosity about our world, especially in young people. If you are looking for ideas to teach and motivate kids, get them active outside and have some fun together, this site offers a lot. There's no armchair traveling. We've been to every place on these pages. The content is ours. Most of it is Off the Beaten Path.

Featuring Fine Historical Aviation and Military Artwork by Randy Green. You may purchase original paintings, limited-edition prints, posters, and puzzles through our online site with PayPal's secure purchasing program for your convenience. Visit www.randygreenart.com
   The Pennsylvania Co.'y of Rogers' Rangers-Jaeger's Bn Preview Go
The Pennsylvania Company of Rogers Rangers-Jaeger's Battalion is a French & Indian War era historical reenactment group primarily located in Western Penna. We are affiliated with Jaeger's Battalion, the oldest (1956) and largest group in the country recreating the units of Rogers' Rangers. The primary purpose of our unit is the accurate recreation of a company of Rogers' Rangers of the French & Indian War era.
   South American Military History Preview Go
Description of the major military events of South American history during the XIX century. Soon conflicts of the XX century will be included.
   Military,Naval,and Aviation History Preview Go
This site deals with military events going back fifty years but in some case backgroud information is included going back two hundred years.Deals with things in a technical way giving performance figures ,calibers,unit size etc.
   The Great Battles of History Preview Go
An in-depth analysis of some of history’s great battles with a primary focus on the medieval period through to the 17th century.
   John Sargent's Military History Center Preview Go
John Sargent's Military History Center
   White Terror - Cossack Warlords of the Trans-Siberian Preview Go
Civil war in Russian Far East 1918-1922 and epilogue until 1945, especially anti-Bolshevik Cossacks and leaders Ataman Semenov, Ataman Kalmykov and Baron Ungern-Shternberg, and also Reds, Czech Legion and interventionists (US, Japanese, Chinese, British, Italians, et al.) References, links and illustrations.

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