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PMOH - IRAS- Intl Russian Cultural & Art Societies - Moscow - PMOH-PYCHAC-RUSNAS.ORG - (RHIO) -  Russian Heritage International Org. Moscow Obshestvo IRAS - Moscow - Saint Peter

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PMOH - IRAS- Intl Russian Cultural & Art Societies - Moscow

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Manager: citissime_cd
PMOH-PYCHAC-RUSNAS.ORG - (RHIO) -  Russian Heritage International Org. Moscow
Obshestvo IRAS - Moscow - Saint Petersburg - Berlin - Jerusalem

PMOH-Art Division and Administrator Umbrella Org. for Russian Authors &  Artists in Russia - CIS - FSU and Abroad 

Promoting Russian Culture, Literature, Art performances and exhibitions in Russia - CIS - FSU and internationally 


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   R-H-I-O (PMOH) Russian Heritage Internatl Org -Moscow Preview Go
Russian Heritage Centers - Moscow - Berlin - Jerusalem --NGO established June 2004 -- Russian Traditions - Russian History - Russian Culture - Russian Art - Russian Folklore - Russian Language -Russian Hospitality -Russian Peace Promotions -- Russia will always be a part of our Being,wherever we are - She will never forget us, nor will we ever forget her.
   HGP - Hans-Guenter Pahl - Graphic Art - DE Preview Go
Israeli-German with Prussian-Polish-Ukrainian-Russian Roots - Born 1948 in Germany immigrated to Israel 1968 - Poet - Painter - Writer ** Founder of IRAS - Israeli-Russian Art Society
   IRAP presents: Tatiana Odinokova -Soprano Preview Go
Tatiana Odinokova -Soprano is an internationally acclaimed opera performer with more than 19 years of singing / teaching experience in Italian, French, German, Russian, Yiddish, and Hebrew repertoire. A Ukrainian now living in the USA and Israel

   RIAS -Russian-Intl Art Societies-Russia-CIS and Abroad Preview Go
OBSHESTVO RIAS - Russian-International Art Societies. St.Petersburg -Moscow - Odessa - Tbilisi - Tashkent - Shanghai - Miami - Berlin -Jerusalem -- Umbrella Organisation for the Promotion of Russian Art and Artists in Russia-CIS and Abroad
   SUHIS - Soviet Union Historical Society Preview Go
History of the Soviet Union - USSR - CCCP 1922-1991
   IRAS ISRAEL - Intl Russian Art Society in Israel Preview Go
Assisting the new Russian Immigrant Artists to smoothly integrate into Israeli Society and to aquaint the Israeli Audience with their art work. ** Non-Profit - Volunteer Org . established Dec 2005 in Tel Aviv
   VVS -Valerie Vishnevskaya Society Moscow-St.Petersburg Preview Go
Imperial-Russian Art Salons (IRAS) - Russian Art - Culture - Heritage - Russian Art Promotions - International Art Events Moscow - St. Petersburg - Russian Federation
   Dedication Site to Zaharia Paliasvili -A Great Composer Preview Go
Paliashvili - Tbilisi - Georgia
   "Anna" - Youth Church Choir, Holy Trinity Cat Preview Go
Russian Youth Church Choir, Searching International Contacts, Choir Exchange, Foreign Friendship Relations, Mutual Visiting, Concert Opportunities, European Chorus Contacts
   Japanese Inspirations - Miki Rishumim - Israel Preview Go
Japanese Inspirations,Miki - Rishumim - Sketches,Drawings Japanese Style, Almond Tree, Lotus Blossom, Fuji Jama

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