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Harry Potter RPG - This is a Harry Potter RPG WebRing.   Members sites consist of an eclectic array of Harry Potter RPG's and well...b

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Harry Potter RPG

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This is a Harry Potter RPG WebRing.


Members sites consist of an eclectic array of Harry Potter RPG's and well...basically 'Anything Harry Potter'.

This WebRing is a Harry Potter RPG Resource Base.


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   Blast From The Past Preview Go
What happens when Harry and friends are accidentally transported back to 1976? Will they change the past to alter their futures? Find out at BFTP!
   Sennera Magical Academy Preview Go
Sennera Magical Academy is a premier magical institute of learning residing in the sunny state of California, USA. Come join us and shape our world at our non-canon Potterverse school!
   The Hogwarts School: An Online RPG Preview Go
The Hogwarts School: An Online RPG is a multiplayer rpg of Hogwarts. Students will be able to play a form of Quidditch, do homework, duel, communicate with other members, earn points to win the house cup, and many participate in many other plot lines that you help create.

   Hogwarts: A Rebuilding Era Preview Go
Circa 2003, 6 years after Harry's last year at Hogwarts. The Wizarding Community all over the world is rebuilding after the Second Wizarding War. Who will step up to the new leadership they need?
   Tallygarunga Academy of Magic Preview Go
The magic of Harry Potter meets the magic of the Australian bush! With all new original classes, quirky characters and plot twists galore! All players are welcome, and improvement is always encouraged!
   Sonora Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry Preview Go
You are eleven years old, sent to a magic school of all places...in the desert. Once you arrive you are shocked to see a Spanish style mansion in the midst of a very green garden. The mansion surprises you again and again with waterfalls in the dining hall, talking plants that guard corridors, and prairie elves that run amuck. The next seven years of your life are sure to be an a
   Chambers Hogwarts Preview Go
Just another Awesome Harry Potter RPG site!
   Hogsmeade High Preview Go
Hogsmeade High - Academy for Auror Training Hogsmeade High is a cyber-school for prospective aurors set in the HP universe. It offers online classes in magical subjects which will be useful in dark wizard catching, e.g. Defence Against The Dark Arts, Care of Magical Creatures, Arithmancy, Astrology, Charms&Spells etc. HH is not just a conventional RPG (although you have p
   Mohdri School of Whitchraft and Wizardry, More Coming Preview Go
Based on Hogwarts, but more of a midevil type site. We will soon be offering the next generation to Mohdri. The site has just resently been put up, hope you join. Online mod's all the time.
   Future Hogwarts Preview Go
The trio and their friends have graduated, and now their children attend Hogwarts.

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