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Historical Re-Enactors - The Historical Reenactors Webring is open to all types of historical reenacting. Together, we will make this THE meeting

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Historical Re-Enactors

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The Historical Reenactors Webring is open to all types of historical reenacting. Together, we will make this THE meeting ground for reenactors websites and historical information from all time periods. This ring may include sites on Pre-1840 Buckskinning, Rendezvous, Mountain Man, Am. Civil War, Cowboy, World War I & II, Renaissance, Colonial, French and Indian, Medieval, and other time periods, along with their respective trades, craftsmen, and educators. Join the Historical Reenactors Webring today!

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   The Bent Stick Preview Go
Paul Comstock's books on making and using primitive weapons such as the longbow
   Mr. Green's 18th Century Page Preview Go
Mr. Green is a living history re-enactor portraying a merchant seaman in colonial Maryland during the latter half of the 18th century. The site includes: persona biography, 18th century cooking, essential knots, seamanship, camping links, and links to other 18th century sites.
   Thread Bare Stitchery Preview Go
Custom clothing for the Buckskinner or Reenactor. 1750s, Rev War, Regency, Civil War, Cowboy and Victorian clothing made as historically accurate as possible. Clothing for the whole family

   The Wool Merchant's Daughter Preview Go
Handspun yarns and handwoven fabrics for historical reenactors and discerning knitters. Wool yarns from many breeds available, with an emphasis on natural colored Shetland. The Wool Merchant's Daughter also offers a limited supply of handspun, handwoven fabrics. And, whatever your favorite time period and budget, we can custom make historical reproduction clothing as accurately you desire.
   Woodpecker Trading Company Preview Go
website of Bruce J. "Woodpecker " Meurer...specializing in handcarved Native American figures...the 18th Century Eastern Woodlands cultures. ALWAYS PECKING AWAY AT ANOTHER CARVING..
   Mallory & McCall: Musical Pirates, Irish, more Preview Go
We're Mallory & McCall, veteran entertainers performing historical music in character and garb. We're Pirates, Irish, Civil War, Wild West, Victorian (with Queen Victoria), Dickens, Gay '90s and more. Find bios, CDs, books, photos, art, plus sheet music and lyrics. As our new site builds, we want to be an outlet, sharing with other creative folk.
   Grand Army of the Frontier Preview Go
if your thing is 19th century military,if you like to reenact or cowboy action shoot, then we are for you,we do it all.Shoot those weapons in shoots against ourselves as well as in SASS shooting and best of all,it's free.
   Easy Co., 39th Infantry Regiment, 9th Infantry Division Preview Go
Re-enacting 39th Infantry Regiment, 9th Infantry Division located in California. Unit famous for the AAA-O slogan as said by Paddy Flint "The enemy who sees our regiment in combat, if they live through the battle, will know to run the next time they see us coming."
   Mountain Man Kens Trade Blanket Preview Go
We Sell Quality Shooting Supplies & some Leather Goods, Hawks & Throwing Knives.
   Sundowner Traders Preview Go
Come step back in time with use. We offer all your reenactment needs. From shooting supplies to clothing. Camp wares to toys. If we don't have it, we'll do our best to get it for you.

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