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Hague Appeal for Peace - The Hague Appeal for Peace is dedicated to the delegitimization of war and the construction of a culture of peace. The H

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Hague Appeal for Peace

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The Hague Appeal for Peace is dedicated to the delegitimization of war and the construction of a culture of peace. The Hague Appeal for Peace Civil Society Conference was held from May 11 to 15, 1999 in The Hague, The Netherlands. To date, over 1,000 organizations have endorsed the Hague Appeal. Kofi Annan; Nobel Laureates Jody Williams, Josť Ramos Horta, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu will all take part in this historic event.

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The Chinese government is filtering and monitoring the Internet usage of its citizens. How can we help the Chinese speak freely on the Internet without them fearing persecution?
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The Founder Blog in the "Campaigning For Peace" Blogathon For Peace 2008 Event. The 20th March 2008 marks the 5th anniversary of the aggression against Iraq. An idea which has received some good feedback so far through Myspace is to have a 24 hour blogging event which will promote peace, support war resisters and ask people to donate directly to charities working in war zones, and anti war organisations.
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A pledge of allegiance to humanity and the world we live on.

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This is the website of the Magnus Hirschfeld Center for Human Rights - Iraq Occupation Monitoring & Advocacy Project
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Worldwide organization stressing natural sequence in attainment of peace on Earth. Absolute individual liberty with race and culture preservation, leads to prosperity, which in turn leads to peace. Establish free enterprise everywhere. Ongoing prosperity and peace will then follow naturally.
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We would like everyone everywhere in the world to join us at the same time in a Moment of Peace at 13:00 HRS GMT on January 1st, 2000. visit our Website for a more detailed look at our world of peace!
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We are a gathering of people on the planet who believe that there are alternatives to war. Join us...Add your voice in saying:"Win WithOut War".
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Human peace loving should came to indonesia.
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A site dedicated to WORLD PEACE! Sign the guestbook, join the forum or join the webring to show your support for peace... How can war lead to peace? How can a wrong lead to a right? How can this be justified?

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