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Freshwater Aquariums - Dedicated to all freshwater aquarium keepers, as well as any resources specific to freshwater aquariums.

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Freshwater Aquariums

 Main ring: Aquariums and Fish. Subrings: Freshwater Aquariums   Saltwater Aquariums   Brackish Water Aquariums   Angelfish   Bass   Betta Splendens   Carp   Catfish   Cichlid   Discus   Koi   Seahorse   Shark   Trout   Triop   Walleye   Aquarium Plantkeeping   Salmon   Sturgeon  
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Manager: tattooed_ogre
Dedicated to all freshwater aquarium keepers, as well as any resources specific to freshwater aquariums.

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   Site #213 Preview Go
   Mr. Betta's House Preview Go
A fun site all about bettas. Learn everything from betta vases, breeding, care, and more. There's also other things you won't find anywhere else, such as my x-ray-visionizer, bettas & chickens, betta cemetary, betta brag, and more. And don't forget Mr. Betta himself. Have fun!
   angelfish breeder uk plus other cihlids severum, firmo Preview Go
I am a uk hobby fish breeder of Angelfish and cichlids

   Albert's Discus Page 2001 (fildiscus) Preview Go
discus, fish, tropical fish, red snakeskin, blue diamond, red turq, blue turq, pigeon blood, ghost, juvenile, breeder, philippines, fildiscus
   Betta In A Bowl Preview Go
Betta In A Bowl is your simple guide to keeping and caring for your Betta fish in his little home - the Betta Fish Bowl! Understand why Bettas are the best fish for fish bowls and learn the proper ways to keep them healthy and happy.
   My FreshWater Fish Site Preview Go
Good Souce of information for Fresh Water Fish. Keeping them. And even keeping a Crawfish. Check it out.
   Your Freshwater Community Aquarium Preview Go
General info on setting up and maintaining a freshwater aquarium
   Betta Line Preview Go
Betta LineŠ is a site dedicated to Betta splendens. Here you can find information on Siamese Fighting Fish, also know as Bettas. Enter this site and learn how to care for these fish, how to classify them, breed them, detect diseases, and much more.
   Angel Fish Angelfish Preview Go
Angelfish for Sale, Breeding Angelfish, Freshwater and Saltwater Angelfish, How to Care and Breed Angelfish, Angel Fish Facts and Information, Fresh Water and Salt water Live Angel Fish, Blue, Cortez, Flame, Black, Marble, Asfur, Angelfish, Anglefish, Angle fish, Breeding, Raising Angelfishes.
   Walter's Vivarium - Betta Preview Go
Mostly photos, tons of high quality photos. Includes: Construction, Scenery, Plants, Betta Splendens, African Clawed Frog, and Freshwater Clam.

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